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12 Reasons Why People Might Cheat On Their Partners


Have you ever been cheated on? You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last in this scenario. It is indeed a nauseating feeling to find out that you have been cheated on, and it’s even worse if you felt intense love for that person.

The fact is that cheating always comes with a reason behind it. And that reason won’t always be you. It’s true that you can’t control people, and you definitely don’t want to be made a fool of, but when it comes to cheating, some things come into play and they require your attention.

There are many reasons that will eventually lead someone to cheat on their partner, and here are the 12 most common ones:

  1. Not wanting to settle yet

If a partner is not ready to settle yet, it’s very uncomfortable for him/her to give up on the relationship the other person is so eager to build. It’s true that one of the partners will always be readier to settle than the other.

The problem comes when the person not ready to settle yet is having a very hard time coping with the direction of the relationship. That’s when they will most probably turn to cheating as a way to escape the idea of being monogamous with someone they aren’t quite ready for.

  1. Feeling insecure about oneself

In a relationship, it’s the partner’s job to praise the beauty and abilities of the other partner. Otherwise, who would? If the partner is feeling insecure about them, he/she will probably turn to cheating.

This is because this person requires validation and proof that the other person is interested in them. If they don’t get it from their partner, they will eventually find someone who will buy them with just the right words and the proper amount of admiration.

  1. Not being happy in the relationship, and in life

Feeling unhappy will make you think of many things that might potentially change that state. A person can feel unhappy because of many things. The partner’s job is to contribute to the other person’s happiness and show support through hard times.

Otherwise, the person who feels unhappy will eventually turn to cheating as a way to escape the reality they are stuck in. They do this because of the thrill involved, of the new experience with a different person, you name it. It’s the ultimate escape that comes with a return ticket (if nobody knows).

  1. Not being in love anymore

Let’s face it. If you love someone, it doesn’t have to mean they have to love you back. And even if that love was once mutual, it can turn sour for one of the partners. While we won’t discuss why the love has gone away, one thing is certain:

If that person is still in a relationship with you, it’s because you love them and they can’t break up for the sake of that love, or for the sake of the years spent together. This does create stress. It’s not that they love the person they cheated on you with, but they certainly need the escape.

  1. A firm belief in polygamy

Not everybody believes that they should be with only one person at a time. These people would happily live in parallel relationships, and wouldn’t mind turning to the next flirt for the mere fun of it.

With this person, you don’t much choice. They will cheat if they feel like it and they will see nothing wrong in it.

  1. Feeling like they aren’t getting enough attention from their partner

There are those people who crave for a lot of attention, and there are those who crave for just the right amount of it. In either case, not getting enough of it, or feeling like they don’t, will eventually lead them to cheat.

If you have received the complaint of not paying enough attention to your partner, you should reevaluate the way you approach your partner. It’s not enough to think that your way of paying attention is something your partner will consider right.

  1. Looking for diverse sexual ecstasies

It’s not that your partner doesn’t love you, it’s that they like to try out new things in this case. Some people want to experiment with sex. This doesn’t have to mean that they are actively searching someone who will sate their lust.

But once they do find someone who they deem as able to fulfill their sexual fantasy, they will not be able to resist the temptation. So, make sure you are not too traditional when it comes to sexual experiences with your partner, or they will find someone less traditional.

  1. The pleasure of being chased after

Now, this kind of person doesn’t set their mind on cheating. They would just rather be chased after. They find it very enjoyable to be the object of others’ admiration and they will do everything to see that someone is highly interested in them.

However, this game is dangerous, and they are mostly unaware of it. They soon get carried away and one thing leads to another. Let them flirt, but keep a close eye on them and let them know.

  1. Wanting to end the relationship

This one is a bit awkward. There are those who can’t find a good reason to end the relationship they are in, so they turn to cheating. Really, doing something fun with someone else and then losing their existing relationship because of that is a win-win situation for them.

  1. Not feeling satisfied in bed

The sexual life is an important part of everyone’s life. If the partner is not feeling satisfied in bed, they will most likely turn to cheating. It’s because they don’t see as sexual satisfaction as a good reason to end a relationship.

The fact is that if one of the partners doesn’t feel satisfied in their sexual life, then that relationship is not on a good way anyway. And how come sexual satisfaction isn’t a crucial factor in a relationship?

  1. Not feeling emotionally satisfied

Emotional satisfaction is another very important part of a relationship. If the partner doesn’t feel emotionally satisfied, you know what might be coming. Their need for some closeness and warmth will eventually lead them to someone who will be willing to share it with them.

That closeness will eventually lead to sex and even repeated cheating with the same person.

  1. No excitement left in the relationship

Some relationships are so ‘perfect’ that all the excitement has gone away. It’s really the tough, the crazy, and the silly times that create that feeling of excitement and motion in the relationship. Without them, everything becomes sterile and dull.

It’s just a matter of time before one of the partner snaps and starts creating their own excitement. This can include sex with another person.