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12 Reasons Why Sarcastic Girls Destroy Their Chances At Love


While the majority of people still confuses sarcasm with rudeness and bitchiness, the truth is that sarcasm is a trait that only sharp, savvy individuals possess. 

A sarcastic woman is a diamond in the rough: there’s treasure hiding beneath the surface that’s riddled with shrewdness and sarcasm.

However, sarcastic women usually get a bad rap because they are not afraid to speak their mind with their sharp tongue. And even though many think that sarcasm is incredibly sexy, many men actually don’t prefer dating sarcastic women.  

Here are 12 things that sarcastic women do that blew their chances to find true love.

1. They Reason That Their Mean-Spirited Humor Is Their Way Of Showing Affection. DUH!

Sarcastic women can get really uncomfortable with the touchy-feely displays of affections, so they would start insulting their partner as their way of bonding with them. However, many men don’t appreciate a loving jab. So, ladies, be careful when you decide to mock your partner’s new car.  

2. They May Sardonically Laugh At Their Partner’s Fumbled Advances Even Though They Find Them Endearing.

They are likely to laugh at their partner’s clumsiness because they find themselves too nervous and too into their partner to do anything else.

3. Their ‘I Love You’ May Sound Insincere To Their Partner.

This usually happens when a woman’s sarcasm is so strong that others cease to take her seriously or understand her (sarcastic) language.

4. Their Way Of Making Fun Of Their Partner’s Girly Drink.

Let’s face it, sarcastic women are terrible at flirting. Their way of showing admiration and adoration is through mocking and insulting everything their partner does and everything they are. They are lucky if their partner can see the passion beneath their insults.  

5. They Are Likely To Imply Their Partner’s College Degree Has Made Them Stupid.

They may take things a little too far when they comment something like this to their partner. Sure, they would regret it later, but their partner, who even though was smart enough to graduate from Yale, may not have the same sense of humor.

6. They Would Rather Skip Listening To Their Partner’s Birth Saga.

No, they are just kidding. Or, are they?

7. They Can Pretty Much Emasculate Their Man Before He Even Takes His Clothes Off.

No matter how eloquent they are when they speak their sarcastic language, when it comes to having a normal communication, they get stuck. Their teasing and sarcastic comments are their way to protect themselves from vulnerability.

8. They (Sometimes) Insist They Are The Most Amazing Human Beings On The Planet.

With this, they are just trying to be funny, charming, and cute because deep down they are insecure. So, by describing their strengths, they feign their confidence. However, this can be quite annoying for their partners because they could easily mistake them for being egotistic.

9. They Would Blatantly Ignore Their Partner Just For Fun.

This is some twisted high-school logic, but sarcastic women would intentionally ignore their partner because they feel nervous, insecure, and deep down they believe that this tactic will work.

10. They Are Prone To Make Fun Of Their Partner’s Job In Finance.

But what else are they supposed to do? Be impressed that their partner is able to count the money of others? Hell, no. Just kidding, of course.

11. They Say ‘I Hate You’ To Their Partner.

This means ‘I love you’ in sarcastic language. Also, ‘Go away’ means ‘Please stay.’ Easy, right? Only if their partners could learn to speak their language.

12. They May Accidentally-For-Real Call 911.

They tried to make a joke.