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12 Reasons Why The Best Women Often Prefer Being Single The Longest


Not all women long to be in a relationship. There’s a rare type of women who choose to stay single and moreover, they enjoy it.

These women know that there’s nothing wrong about being single and that it can actually be the most precious and fulfilling experience. It’s not that relationships don’t have advantages, but women who are aware of their self-worth and know that happiness comes from within themselves, and not from men, won’t settle for anything less than they deserve.

In what follows there is a list of 12 reasons the best women prefer to stay single the longest. If you can relate to some or all of them, know you’re a real gem.

1. Being in a relationship is not their top priority.

This kind of women has more important goals and priorities in life than just to be called “someone’s girlfriend or wife.” They don’t allow their confidence and image in society to be shaped by their relationship status. Achieving personal and professional success, exploring their inner thoughts and emotions, and pursuing their wildest dreams and passions is what they focus all their energy on.

2. They deserve a guy who suits them.

They know who they are and won’t settle for anything less than a man who matches their character and meets their expectations. They don’t even think about wasting their time on a guy who isn’t ambitious, resilient, confident, and amazing as they are.

3. They don’t want anyone to steal their freedom.

The thing these women most probably appreciate the most is their freedom. They like doing things they want and when they want. The best woman wants to be free to come home from work or go out to dinner with her friends whenever she wants. Having to explain to someone why she’s doing certain things is out of the question.

4. They can’t deal with someone else’s problems.

Yeah, you can bet on this one. They can’t stand putting up with other people’s issues. Solving their own problems first is what draws their full attention and occupies most of their time.

5. They don’t like depending on plans.

I’ve already said that they find freedom precious and having to make plans is only an obstacle they don’t want to deal with. If you know someone who can’t just leave or postpone their tasks until later to go to Paris with the first flight, then you’re damn aware what I’m talking about.

6. They enjoy taking risks.

Whenever these women have to do something which is usually “out of the ordinary” for most people, they aren’t afraid to take risks. They aren’t scared to walk on the edge and see what’s on the other side, but they’ll never agree to conform to other people’s wishes and expectations. They embrace every opportunity life offers them.

7. They are quirky and unique.

They do things that average women are even afraid to think about. They can jump off a cliff, walk barefoot through fire and they will never agree to be with someone who isn’t ready to follow their quirky behavior.

8. Their home belongs only to them.

This one sounds quirky too, right?  Well, not to them, though. Their home is their personal territory where they feel free to do whatever they want and they won’t let anyone take that away from them. Whether it is lying half nude on the sofa, eating while they sit on the kitchen counter, or showering with the bathroom door half open, they don’t want to share these “precious’ moments with anyone.

9. They are still exploring their sexual life.

To these women, being single means having more time to taste the pleasures of life. If they feel a need, they won’t hesitate to have casual sex with more partners so as to decide what suits them best. Moreover, they enjoy this even more because they don’t owe explanations to anyone. Their life-their rules.

10. What? Sharing their finances with another person?

This is definitely a no-no. These women know that relationships require sharing things. Well, they would never allow themselves to make a sacrifice and stop spending their hard earned money on things they want to buy so bad.

11. They don’t worry about their biological clock.

Hell yeah, it’s ticking, but so what? They know they can get married and have children whenever they want because there isn’t a man out there who wouldn’t like to be with them.

12. They are in a relationship with themselves.

Who said you have to be with another person to feel happy and emotionally complete? These women are self-sufficient and there’s nothing that makes them more happy and content than their own company. This relationship is priceless as they depend only on themselves and they don’t have to worry that someone might break their heart.