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12 Seemingly Unimportant Things That Actually Mean A Lot To Every Woman


Expressions of love don’t always need to be grand romantic, fairytale-like gestures. In fact, it’s the little things you do for your lady on a daily basis that matter the most to her.

You wonder why this is so? Well, the reason is pretty simple. It’s these seemingly unimportant things that show how much she means to you. They show that you’re willing to put in the effort to keep the connection and romance between you alive.

After all, there are 365 days in a year, which means that you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day or her birthday to show how much you love her. There’s a myriad of simple things you can do every day that can help you strengthen the bond and intimacy between you. And undoubtedly, they’ll make her fall in love with you more and more with each new day.

Here are 12 little things which are actually big to every woman:

1. Remember the small details when she talks to you.

Of course, you won’t be able to memorize everything she tells you, but you should put in the effort to remember the most important details. For example, she’s talked about her co-worker Jennifer with whom she gets on really well hundreds of times since you’ve been together. And not referring to her as “That girl with the curly hair called you this morning” will show her that you pay attention when she talks to you.

So, make sure you remember the names of her friends, her favorite type of flowers or chocolate, or any other little detail she’s shared with you. Trust me, it’ll mean a lot to her.

2. Go shopping with her.

Men don’t like shopping, we get that. But imagine how surprised and pleased your woman will be if you offer to take her to the mall and help her choose some fancy clothes.  

But, make sure you’re in a good mood while you’re there because if you start getting grumpy and impatient, this will do more harm than good, and you won’t certainly make the shopping a pleasant experience.

3. Leave her little love notes.

Leave her a cute little love note on her bed so that it’s the first thing she sees in the morning. This will definitively give her a pleasant, warm feeling. And if you want her to know you’re thinking about her during the day, you can leave her a post-it note into her coat pocket or purse. Trust me, this will make you her hero.   

4. Offer her some stress relief.

Did she come home tired and stressed out from work? Well, then, why don’t you suggest ordering in some pizza and save her from making dinner herself. And why stop there? After the dinner, you can prepare a hot relaxing bath for her. Don’t doubt she’ll be especially pleased by your gesture.

5. Clean up after yourself.

Whether you have your own place or share one with her, know that she’ll appreciate if you keep it tidy and clean. Maybe leaving a little bit of mess behind you is not a big thing for you, but, trust me – women hate this. She’ll clean it up, but she definitely won’t feel happy about it.

And let’s be honest, it’s not that hard to clean up after yourself (even kids do that). So make sure you remember next time to clear up all that mess you’ve made in the bathroom and put your clothes where they belong.

6. Listen to her. Just listen.

When she talks to you, she wants to know she’s heard. So, let her know you’re paying attention to her words because you’re interested in what she has to say. Don’t just be physically present and pretend to listen to her while your mind is wandering off who knows where.

But most importantly, don’t listen with the intent to make a suggestion or offer her a solution to whatever is bothering her. She does not need your opinions and solutions. All that she wants is to know that you try and want to understand what she has to share with you.

7. Don’t criticize her choices.

“Are you really going to buy those jeans? Just look at the color.”  Yes, she is. You don’t need to criticize the little choices she makes whenever you disapprove of them. Instead, learn to respect them and let her be.

8. Don’t let her wait long for you to respond to her text messages.

It’s not like you have to text her back the moment you receive her message or leave in the middle of a meeting at work to answer her call. But, when she texts you, don’t let her wait for hours for your replay.

Texting her will only take you a couple of seconds, but it’ll show her that she’s your priority even when you’re up to your neck in work.9. Show interest in the things she likes doing.

Maybe you don’t like watching romantic comedies (in fact, I’m sure you don’t), but why not watching one with her on a Sunday afternoon if you know she enjoys them? Or, if she likes jogging or walking in nature, it won’t hurt if you join her, right?

By taking part in her interests, you’ll show that everything related to her means to you. And the more time you spend together, the stronger the bond between you will get.

10. Cook up something nice for her.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at cooking, you should be capable of making her a meal at least once a week. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant and difficult to make because what will really matter to her is your effort. And most women find it sexy when they see their man making some delicious dinner for them.

11. Take her on a date.

Whether you’ve been together for 6 months or 6 years, you should never stop dating. You can take her out to dinner, to the cinema, or just go for a walk. And you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to take her on a date.

It’d really surprise her if you do that when she expects it the least. For example, pick her up from her work and take her to a restaurant or any other place where you’ll spend a good quality time together and have fun.

12. Give her space.

Sometimes women just need to spend time alone. Whether they feel stressed out and want to relax or they just want to watch an episode of their favorite TV show, it’s important for them to have alone time. So, make sure you give her as much alone time as she needs to rest and feel better.

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