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12 Signs You Are A Genuine And Sincere Person With High Moral Values

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Unfortunately, nowadays, not many people have the virtue of sincerity. A lot of people live their lives pretending to be someone they are not. They don’t act according to their own values and principles. Instead, they act in ways others expect and want them to act.

People who have the virtue of sincerity, or genuineness, are a rare treasure in this cruel world where most people have forgotten how to nurture kindness and authenticity in themselves.

Genuine people are truthful and open. They think and speak justly. They express themselves without pretense and deceitfulness. They act according to their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, standards, and desires. Indeed, however rare, genuine people make the world a better place.

So, if you’re tired of pretending to be someone you are not and want to be more sincere in your communications and conduct, in this article, you’re about to find out how you can do that. Here, we’ll present 6 ways you can be sincere in life and explain what personality traits all sincere people possess. We’ll also explain how you can be sincere in a relationship, how to offer a sincere apology, and how to know if a man is sincere. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

How To Be Sincere In Life?

1. Be True To Yourself

Being true to yourself means you’re entirely honest with what you value, feel, and desire. It means you recognize your qualities and weaknesses and accept and love yourself the way you are. It means you live your life in accordance with your own standards, values, and principles. It means you express your feelings and opinions freely, openly, and wholeheartedly without worrying about what other people might think or say about you. It means you don’t worry about pleasing others or meeting their expectations.

2. Always Speak The Truth

Be honest even when you have to share an unpleasant or cruel truth with someone. Tell it like it is without being condescending or mean toward others or insulting them. The more honest you are, the more other people will respect and appreciate you.

3. Be Genuine

You can’t be genuine if you praise someone, but you can’t stand them deep inside. You can’t be genuine if you say you love pasta when, in fact, you hate it.

Therefore, always speak from the heart. Say what you mean and mean what you say without sugarcoating things, mincing your words, or being rude to others.  

4. Understand Other People’s Point Of View

The only way to have an honest conversation with someone is to think about why they feel or think the way they do. Understanding someone else’s point of view doesn’t mean that you should give up on your own perspective. It simply means that you should try to understand where the other person is coming from and what experiences they have gone through that might have shaped their point of view.

5. Offer A Sincere Apology

When you know you said or did something that hurt another person’s feelings or made them feel bad, you acknowledge your mistake and then say you’re sorry. Put yourself in their shoes and try to think about how what you said or did might have affected them. Only then will the other person know that you know you’ve hurt them and that your “I’m sorry” comes right from your heart. In addition, if there’s any way you can repair the mistake, make sure you do so.

6. Do Good Without Expecting Anything In Return

Be there for people who need emotional support or help. Be other people’s cheerleader and safe haven when they’re feeling sad, struggling with a problem, or going through a tough time in life. Learn to be good and kind to others without expecting anything in return.

If you possess these 12 characteristics – you are one of the truly moral and genuine people.  (1)

1. You Treat Everyone With Respect, And People Respect You Too

You understand that we are all equal and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. So, you respect everyone, and in turn, people respect you too. This is a wonderful quality for a person to have, but not many can say they have it.

2. You Are Sincere Even In The Worst Situations

A sincere person never lies. Even if you find yourself in a situation where your honesty can cause pain to others, you choose to tell the truth anyway. That’s why people trust you and they never doubt your words.

3. You Are Kind Toward Everyone You Meet

As a sincere person, you treat everyone you meet with kindness. Your smile is infectious, and you share it unsparingly. You are a genuine person who offers to help anyone who needs help. You have a heart of gold.  

4. You Are Patient

Waiting in lines doesn’t make you nervous. You know that patience is very important, and being able to remain calm during stressful situations is a rare but admirable trait.

5. People Can Trust You

Others feel they can count on you because they know they can trust you and you won’t disappoint them. You are the kind of a person who would never intentionally hurt the people that are close to you. (2)

6. You Always Finish Your Work

Even when you lack motivation, you push yourself harder to finish your work no matter what. You never leave everything unfinished. You are a responsible and hard worker that is a treasure for every company and employer.

7. Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words

A sincere person does not make promises they know they can’t keep. You are a person who is true to their word, and you only promise something that you are sure you can fulfill. You speak volumes by your deeds, not your words.

8. You Don’t Dramatize

There is no place for drama in your life. You tend to solve your problems like an adult, and you don’t leave any problem unresolved. If someone wants to bring drama into your life – you’ll show them the door.

9. You Fight For Justice

You know that we all need to fight for our purposes in life. You also know that you can succeed in achieving your purpose and meaning only by fighting for yourself as well as for those that are not able to fight themselves. You want justice and equal rights for everyone.

10. You Treat Everyone Right

You don’t pick favorites, and you don’t judge others. You treat everyone equally and with respect. When you meet new people, you don’t notice their appearance – you are interested only in their true character.

11. You Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

You are selflessly giving others everything you have. The world needs more people like you.  

12. You Know Your Limits

You know what you can and what you can’t do. You understand that life is too short to be spent worrying about something that might not even happen. You have firmly set limits, and you are careful not to pass them. You follow your dreams only, without trying to hurt anyone who gets in your way.

How To Be Sincere In A Relationship

Any healthy, meaningful, and successful relationship is built upon the virtue of sincerity. By being sincere in a relationship, you show your partner that you’re honest about your feelings for them and that they can always trust and rely on you.

In case you have trouble being genuine in your relationship, we’ve presented 7 ways how you can be sincere in your relationship so that you can make the bond between you and your partner even deeper and stronger.

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Being honest with yourself means being aware of the reasons why you feel or think the way you do. It means always being aware of your behavior, too, and why you behave the way you do. 

For instance, if you were mad at your partner for canceling your weekend trip, you might feel you have the right to accuse them and that this behavior is justifiable instead of calmly asking them why they canceled the trip. You might also think that you’re being sincere with them because you’re showing how you’re feeling. However, sincerity that is not based on reality can only harm a relationship. You need to be honest with yourself about your feelings and thoughts first so that you can nurture sincerity in your relationship.

2. Let Your Partner See Your Weaknesses And Imperfections

One of the reasons many people have trouble being sincere in a relationship is that they’re afraid or ashamed to expose their insecurities and flaws. But in order to let your partner accept and love you for who you are, you need to let them see all of your weaknesses, fears, vulnerable sides, annoying habits, quirks, and whims. But, more importantly, you need to show them that you consider yourself worthy and that you know you have a lot to offer.

3. Stay True To Your Words

If you want your partner to trust you, you always need to keep your promises. But, of course, unexpected things can happen, and sometimes you might unintentionally break a promise. But if you allow this to happen often, you’ll break your partner’s trust in you and make them perceive you as an irresponsible and untruthful person.

4. When You Say, “I Love You,” Show You Really Mean It

You may tell your partner “I love you” a thousand times a day and add all kinds of flowery and colorful adjectives to this sentence, but unless you show your partner that you truly love them with your actions, it’s all in vain. 

5. Be Who You Are

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not just because you think this will make your partner accept or love you more. Instead, always be yourself around them. Behave according to your own standards, principles, and values. Show your partner you are aware of and embrace your flaws and that you accept and love yourself just the way you are. Believe in the things you’ve always believed in, no matter how different these might be from the things your partner believes in. Also, in your conversations, no matter how your opinions might be different from your partner’s, express them freely and openly.

6. If You Don’t Like Something, Let Your Partner Know That

If you don’t like something, don’t be hesitant to say it. For instance, if your partner said or did something that hurt your feelings, call them out on their behavior. Being honest about what makes you feel uncomfortable, upset, or angry is an important prerequisite for building a healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship.

7. Always Do Everything Out Of Love

Whatever you do for your partner or your relationship, always do it out of love. If you look at the things you do for your relationship as something you’re obliged to do, this means you aren’t sincere either to yourself or your partner anymore.

How To Offer A Sincere Apology

Whether it’s a family member, friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, no matter how hard you try to be good and kind to them, sometimes you might say or do something that hurts their feelings. Knowing when to apologize and how to do that sincerely can effectively repair damage in a relationship. So, in what follows, we’ve presented 7 ways you can apologize sincerely and effectively.

1. Consider The Reasons Why You Need To Apologize

This is the first thing you need to do when apologizing to someone. By recognizing the reasons why you need to apologize to someone, you’ll be able to own up to and learn from your mistake, express your remorse and Regret, and find new ways of handling tough situations.

2. Know When To Apologize

When you know you said or did something that caused someone else hard feelings, don’t wait for days, weeks, or months to pass to apologize to them for your behavior. Instead, once you realize you did something that hurt the other person’s feelings you should apologize to them right away. Admit your mistake, express your Regret, and try to find a way to make it up to them.

3. Name What You Said Or Did Wrong

When apologizing to someone for something you said or did that upset them, don’t just say, “I’m sorry I made you feel bad.” Instead, say, “I’m sorry I lied to you” or “I’m sorry I called you a drama queen.” Make sure you’re specific about what you said or did and why you’re apologizing for your actions.

4. Be Empathic

When you know you said or did something that hurt another person’s feelings, try to put yourself in their shoes and let them know you know they’re hurt and why they’re feeling that way. By letting them know you understand their feelings are legitimate, they’ll know your apology is sincere.

5. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

When apologizing to someone for a mistake you made that hurt their feelings, you need to let them know that you admit it. For example, instead of offering a vague apology, such as “I apologize if you were hurt by something I said,” be specific about why you’re apologizing and say something like, “When I said you were naïve, I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t mean it. I know that made you feel bad, and I’m sorry.”

6. Express Regret

In order to apologize effectively, you need to express Regret. It’s important for the other person to know that you regret hurting their feelings and you wish you hadn’t. So, when apologizing to someone, in addition to stating the reason why you’re apologizing, it’s good to add something like, “I wish I had been more considerate” or “I wish I could take it back.”

7. Make Amends

There has to be something you can do to make things better. For instance, if you said something rude or offensive to someone, you can apologize by saying, “I know what I said made you feel bad. I should have never told you those things. I’ll try my best to think of your feelings in the future.” Or, if you broke someone’s trust in you, you can say, “Is there anything I can do to make you believe in me again and show you that I deserve your trust?”

How To Tell If A Guy Is Sincere

One of the most difficult parts about being in a relationship is determining if your partner is sincere. Luckily, if you look close enough, there are telltale signs that show a guy is sincere, and you can trust him about anything. In what follows, we’ve presented 7 clear signs that the man you’re in a relationship with is sincere.

1. He Keeps His Promises

When a guy isn’t genuinely in love with you, he might not bother if he doesn’t fulfill his promises. But when you’re in a relationship with a man who truly loves you and cares about you, he’ll go out of his way to honor his promises. So, if your partner is someone who always keeps his promises, take this as a sign that both he and his love are sincere.

2. He Always Speaks The Truth

You know you’re in a relationship with a sincere guy if he tells you the truth, no matter how unpleasant or harsh it might be. So, if your partner always tells you the truth, even when he knows that this might make you feel uncomfortable or hurt your feelings, take this as a sign he’s entirely sincere.

3. He Expresses His Feelings Openly

If your partner isn’t closed-off when it comes to expressing his feelings for you, know you’ve found yourself a sincere man. Being in a relationship with this type of man means being with someone who is not ashamed or afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. It means being with a man who is affectionate, tender, and thoughtful when the two of you are alone and in front of your friends or family. It means being with a man who expresses his love unambiguously because he knows how much you mean to him, and he wants you to know that too.

4. He Makes You A Priority

When a man puts you first, it means he’s sincere about his feelings toward you. So, if the guy you’re in a relationship with tends to put your feelings, needs, and desires ahead of his own, take this as a sign he’s a sincere person who truly loves and cares about you.

5. He Tells You What He Wants Out Of The Relationship

Most guys don’t really like talking about what they’re looking for in a relationship. But this is not true for your partner. Instead, he’s openly told you what he wants out of the relationship and what behaviors he can and can’t tolerate in a relationship. Being in a relationship with a man who is sincere about his expectations can make the relationship a smooth journey.

6. He Wants You To Meet His Family And Friends

Meeting someone’s friends and family is an important step in any meaningful and long-lasting relationship. So, if your partner was eager to introduce you to his loved ones at the beginning of your relationship, this is a clear sign he’s sincere about his feelings for you. Remember that when a guy doesn’t think that a relationship can last that long or when he’s not sure about his feelings for you, he won’t bother to introduce you to his family and friends.

7. He’s Proud Of You

You know a guy is sincere about his feelings for you if he is not hesitant to show everyone how proud he is for having you in his life. So, if your partner enjoys talking about you, your achievements, and how much he loves you when he is with his friends or family, you can take this as a sure sign that you’re in a relationship with a genuine man who truly loves you.

12 Signs You Are A Genuine And Sincere Person With High Moral Values