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12 Signs That Show You Have A High-Quality Best Friend


1. A real high-quality bestie will never allow themselves to judge you. They’ve known you since you two were building castles in the dirt, they’ve been through thick and thin since day one and will remain your partner in crime for life.

No matter how ‘knee-deep in mud’ you sometimes might end up, they’ll be always there to give you a hand without even questioning how in the world you managed to get there in the first place.

2.They will never get bored of listening to your constant babbling. Actually, there might be times when they’ve had it with your love problems and life hacks about how you’ve planned the perfect revenge on your ex, but a real friend will always be there to listen to your nonsense no matter how irrational you might sometimes sound.  They will always be your ride-or-die partner!

3. You know you’ve got yourself a keeper bestie when they’ve waited for you all night long to come back from the date with your crush and call you at 3 am for you to fill them up on the talk as well as the juicy details.

4. You feel absolutely free asking them extremely personal and intimate questions about their sex life or their waxing techniques only to figure out how ‘normal’ you are. They are here to advise you on every topic that you’re interested in, no matter how ‘icky’ it might be.

5. Whenever you need an honest opinion on some matter, they find a perfect way to express it. Even if you didn’t ask for one, they will always make sure to let you know if you’re right or wrong. A real bestie will tell you nothing but the truth no matter how cruel it is, but at the same time will be highly considerate of your feelings.

6. They know your heart’s desires and know what cheers you up the most. Every time you feel the ‘blues’ they are the first person to come over with a carton of chocolate-chip-cookie flavored ice cream and your favorite hilarious comedy that cracks the two of you up.

7. There’s no such thing as “I don’t feel like celebrating my 20th this year!” When it comes down to your birthday, it’s parteeey all the way. They would never let your big day pass without first making a big deal out of it. You can just sit and enjoy, they’ve got it all covered, from glittery birthday hats, homemade cake, all to a big surprise party in your honor.

8. You know in your heart that no matter what happens, a best friend will always have your back. They’ll genuinely and sincerely explain to you the things you did wrong but will never stab your back when you least expect it. A real partner-in-crime bestie will never put you down in front of others, on the contrary, they’ll do their best to protect you.

9. You don’t need a permission to borrow their hot new dress, walk in your undies whenever you have the chance, or even use their Facebook to stalk the hell out of everyone.

10. Whatever you two do, or “wherever you may roam”, there’s no way on Earth you’ll end up bored stiff. Even if it’s a pajama-slippers midnight kind of stroll in your neighborhood, you sure know how to make a fun time.

She is your sister, soulmate and a travel buddy all at once and no matter where you’re headed, you know how to always make the best of it!

11. You can cry your heart out in front of them, without feeling embarrassed and pathetic. They’ll be sitting in front of you with a box of hankies and comfort food.

12. One of the most important hallmarks of a lifelong friendship is knowing that our friendship with that significant person makes us bloom and grow in ways we couldn’t imagine.

There’s a saying that goes: “You are who you hang out with”, and taken from personal experience, it’s 100% accurate. Our best friends are our life companions as well as our role models. A high-quality friend is measured by their ability and willingness to bring out the best in us.

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