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12 Small Things That Mean The World To Her


It’s really not difficult to show a person that you care about them. We can feel the affection in those wonderful small gestures that make our lives whole.

Because it’s the little things that show us that our partner cares deeply for us without having any special occasion at the moment.

It’s a well-known fact that, after a while, couples can get a bit distant and forget the essential meaning of those small things. That’s when we need to work on our imagination and give our best to keep the relationship alive.

A good husband or boyfriend knows that while big impressive gestures are great, it’s the little things that mean the most to us!

Here are 12 small gestures that actually mean the world to her:

1. Always listen to her

Relationships are based on mutual respect and support. No matter how busy you are, always take the time to listen to her whenever she needs to say something.

You may not always have the perfect solution to everything she says, but sometimes only listening will do more for her than any word ever could. When she chooses to confide in you, it means that she put 100% of her trust in you. Don’t betray it.

2. When she looks beautiful, don’t hesitate to let her know 

No matter how much we deny, every one of us wants and needs a special kind of attention. Take the time and words to compliment her whenever she changes her hairstyle or wears that sexy little black dress that leaves very little to the imagination.

3. Say ‘I’m sorry’ when you make a mistake

Don’t ever forget to say, “I’m sorry” whenever you are wrong. These words would mean a lot to her and no matter if it was something trivial and small, she’ll know you care about her feelings. She’ll respect you more and be apologetic as well.

 4. Learn how to cook

This is thoughtful and sexy at the same time. Take time and hit the kitchen while she’s waiting for you with a fine bottle of wine. It doesn’t have to be a special gourmet dinner, it’s the thought and effort put into making something for her that counts the most. Besides, men that cook are extremely sexy. 

5. Send her cute good morning texts

Reminding her just how much you love her over a text message will instantly make her day better. A simple “Can’t wait to see you after work!” on a bad day can make wonders for some people. When you finally come home from work, she’ll not only be happy to see you, but she’ll know you were thinking about her the whole day.

 6. Avoid bad-mouthing your ex(es)

No matter what, please avoid gossiping and talking trash about your ex-girlfriends. It’s disrespectful and it can reflect you more than the person you are talking about. This kind of attitude can give her the wrong impression that you might do the same with her.  

 7. Kiss her when she least expects it

Whatever you do, please don’t ever forget to do the hair-kiss-hug move! You know, when you come up to her from behind, move her hair, pull her close to you, hug her tight, kiss her on the neck and hold her tight. Enjoy every moment. The beauty of life lies in those small moments. Cherish them!

8. Remember the names of her closest friends

Remember the people close to her, but also remember their names as well. This way whenever she tells you about her friend Anna- the loud mouth, you can let her know that you remember who she is referring to. Besides that, show interest in meeting and spending time with them. It’ll make her very happy.

9. Take her on dates

It doesn’t matter if you two are three, five or ten years in a relationship. Casual dating should never stop. Take some time off your daily responsibilities and take her on a night out.

It can be a quiet dinner at her favorite restaurant, casual cinema night or just an ordinary coffee date. Also trying something new like a visit to the local amusement park will always be a good idea.

10. Give her massages. A lot of them.

If you ask me, I’d do anything to have my man giving me a massage right now. After a long workday, don’t forget to give her a little sensual treatment. Pleasure her with that much-needed massage, cuddle with her, or even better, surprise her with a warm, scented, bubble bath. She’ll be very thankful.

11. Do the thing she likes for a change

This is very important. Despite your own music or movie taste, learn to respect her preferences as well. Even if you don’t really like that new documentary she’s hooked on, sit with her and give that episode a try. You might actually like it at the end. And at the same time, your girl will appreciate you more for respecting the things she finds amusing and inspiring.

12. Always tell her how you feel

Be honest with her. Always. If you ever feel like something is bothering you, don’t hesitate to share. She’ll take care of you and genuinely listen to you, the same way you supported her when she needed you the most. Being open and honest about your feelings will show her that you respect her and love her enough to open your soul to her.



Source: James Michael Sama