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12 Smart Ways To Use Silica Gel You Probably Didn’t Know About


Many find those little silica gel packs that pop around in new purses, shoes, medicine packs, beef jerky, and other random items as something to be thrown away the moment you get your hands on it.

Not to mention the terrifying thought that your kids might happen to swallow one of those. So, the easiest thing to think of is where your nearest trash can is and throw them away as soon as you touch them.

Well, you’ve been doing it wrong. Silica gel can be so useful for so many things that involve humidity, water, and other related stuff. Here are 12 very smart things you can do with those silica gel packs that you’ve been neglecting for so long.

1. Drying out a wet cell phone

Yes, rice can work here in emergencies – but silica gel is meant for these things. If you happen to accidentally give your phone a bath, remove the battery and memory cards and place it in a bowl of silica gel packs overnight.

2. Keeping underwater cameras dry

Even waterproof cameras need some time off from water, and keeping them dry will ensure that they don’t end up being damaged by condensation or give off pictures with a fog streak because of it. Store a packet or two of silica gel with the camera or in the camera case, and it will soak up all of the excess water.

3. Protecting documents

Of course, these things can’t waste away because of moisture or anything that is related to water. So keeping them with a pack of silica gel will ensure that they won’t get damaged that easily.

4. Extending the life of razor blades

The thin, sharp edge of the razor is prone to oxidation and moisture, which in turn makes it dull prematurely. So, whenever you’re done shaving, simply clean your razor and put it in a Tupperware that is half full of silica gel, or 4-5 silica gel packets. It will stay sharp for much longer this way.

5. Protecting silverware

Silver’s number one enemy is oxidation, making it tarnish and corrode. Slipping a silica gel packet into your jewelry box or your silver chest will ensure that they don’t turn black so quickly and will retain that beautiful shine.

6. Protecting photos

When you think of it, moisture is bad for almost everything – photos aren’t excluded. If you want to keep those memories safe from deterioration and damage, make sure you include a silica gel packet in the boxes where you store them. This will keep them safe and dry.

7. Pills and vitamins

Bearing in mind that most people store their pills and vitamins in the most humid room in the house – the bathroom, storing them with the added protection from silica gel is a must. Moisture can lead to spoilage, decomposition, and even mold, and you don’t want to put something like that in your mouth – especially when it’s health-related.

8. Keeping your luggage dry

Another thing silica gel can work miracles on is your luggage. Tossing a few packets in your luggage will help to keep it moisture and odor-free. It will inevitably extend the life of your luggage.

9. Gardening

If you like gardening, then keeping seeds for next year must be one of your activities. However, you may know how mold destroys the seeds and inevitably causes them to be useless. Not if you keep them with a silica gel packet. It will make sure that the seeds remain dry and ready for next spring.

10. Bulk pet food

Buying big bags of pet food is a very convenient thing for those who are always on the run. But have you noticed that it can sometimes get soggy? To avoid this, simply store the pet food in a bin and tape some silica gel packs on the bottom of the lid.

11. Drying makeup

Some spills are simply a nightmare when drying things afterward is expected. But putting the wet makeup in a Ziplock bag with a few of the silica gel packets will do that job for you easily.

12. Foggy windshield

In high-humidity conditions, the windshield is the first to get foggy in your car, and it’s absolutely tedious to have to lean forward and wipe it several times before your heating manages to dry the air. However, stashing some silica gel packets away in your car, especially on the dashboard, will help you to maintain a clear windshield and experience less fogginess when the air is very humid.