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12 Things Happy People Do That Unhappy People Do Not


There is not a single recipe for happiness. However, there are some 12 fundamental things that I see happy people practice that unhappy people do not do.

When we start thinking about happiness, we cannot help but notice how many unhappy people are out there in the world. And with the mass exposure of social media, it has become a regular thing for us to watch and read every day about people’s tragedies and unhappiness.

Nevertheless, happiness is a choice. And even though everyone wants to be happy, not everyone chooses happiness. The desire to be happy alone is not enough. It is our every day’s conscious choice to be happy that matters.

Below are 12 things that happy people choose to practice every day that can be useful to you as well.

1.  Stop focusing on things you don’t have, and start focusing on things you do have.

Gratefulness is the thing that separates happy people from unhappy people. Being grateful and showing appreciation for the things that you have releases the hormone serotonin that is responsible for your happiness. Contrary, ungratefulness is the path which leads towards a deep unhappiness.

Practice gratitude every day by counting the blessings that you have in your life. Write them down if you need. This simple and easy technique will fill you up with positive energy and happiness that will last through your day.

2.  Ask yourself if you really need the thing that you desire.

Many unhappy people are unhappy because they want something that they can’t have at the moment. Contrary to them, happy people are always looking for the source of their desires. If they want a material thing, they would ask themselves: Do I really need it? Who sells it?

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, and you should be more careful not to let it entrap you. Next time when you feel like you are the only one who is not living her ‘dream’ life, remember that nothing ever looks as it is presented to you.

3.  Practice generosity.

People who are generous tend to look always on the bright side. They are selfless and ready to offer a helping hand to anyone in need. And because of this trait, they can see the core of the things and people. And since they notice only the good in people – they are happier themselves.

In contrast, selfish people focus only on themselves and their needs which make them isolated and miserable. So, you should always bear in mind that a generous heart is a happy heart!

4.     Remember that happiness is not a final destination.

When it comes to happiness, it is the journey that matters – not the destination. You can learn how to enjoy the ride without thinking about the destination that you need to reach.

Many experts would agree that happy people are never conscious of their happiness. It is a thing that comes naturally to them. They are not aware of their happiness because they don’t have to be- it is a normal state for them.

5.     The control over your life and happiness is in your hands.

Happy people all know and practice this. They take full control and responsibility for their lives. When they notice that something is bothering them – they remove the thing that is bothering them. When they feel like they are not on the right path in life – they change their direction.

Moreover, they practice implementing things that would make them happy in their life. When they decide they want to learn to play the guitar – they take lessons. When they decide they want to get college degree – they get it!  It is really that simple.

6.     Sometimes you have to slow down.

No matter how cliché it sounds – you need to start appreciating the little things in life. Even if you are a workaholic and constantly moving, schedule some time from your day to do nothing. Or, you can find a hobby that you love.

Your choice to dedicate a small portion of your day to do the things you love, (or not do anything) will clear your mind and energy from all the negativity that you collect through your busy day.

7.     You must realize that in the path of a happy life there are no shortcuts.

There are people out there who get disappointed if they did not win the lottery, and their plans to become rich and successful overnight fall through. These people are those who are the most unhappy and miserable.

Happy and fulfilled people know that there is no short way in life. They do everything in order: they get their education, find a job, work hard, pay their bills, and pursue their dreams – be it forming a family, or traveling the world, or something else.

8.     Stop feeling that you are entitled to anything.

The sooner you accept the fact that no one owes you anything, the better. Instead, it helps to assume that no one will help you, you must do it on your own.

Happy people are those people who do not expect anything from anyone. That way they do not get to be disappointed. And, if anything good comes in their way – it is a plus!

9.     Add significance to the world.

The ability to add significance to the world is a trait that only the most genuine people possess. They want to make the world a better place for living because they love and appreciate their lives.

People who are in love with life and feel like their existence matters are one of the truly fulfilled and happy people in the world.   

10.    Be always willing to forgive.

Happy people forgive themselves, and they forgive others as well. They do not want to burden themselves with negativity and resentment with other people’s mistakes. That is why they choose to forgive others and move on.

Also, they forgive themselves too. They forgive their failures, their wrong choices, their mistakes. This is what makes them at peace with themselves and truly happy at their core.

11.    Always choose to have a great attitude.

Happy people do not let things or situations to control them. They know that while they cannot change other’s behavior – they can always control how they will react to it.

This quality puts them in a very favorable position since they do not let others influence their happiness.

12.    Speak life.

People who pick their words gently and carefully, whose words encourage and motivate rather than diminish and ridicule – are people who are genuinely happy in their lives.

They firmly believe in the saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say to someone, it is better to not say anything at all.  

So, go on! Follow the happy people out there by implementing these 12 things daily, and you will notice the difference.