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12 Things To Remember When You Feel Like Your World Has Been Shattered


We all have those moments when things start falling apart; when everything is going from bad to worse, and we simply don’t know if it could get any worse. And in these dire moments, we start questioning our existence and the purpose of our life.

The truth is, we’ve all had moments like this – I might say that I am experiencing one such period myself as well. But life is a heartbeat, not a flat line. There are ups and downs, and they remind us that we are alive and kicking. A flat line means death.

So, here’s something to remember when you feel like you’ve reached the bottom.

1. Nothing lasts forever

You may have had a thrill before this all happened, and you saw that it didn’t last forever, or you may have got out from a bad period and you also understood that it didn’t last forever.

The truth is, nothing lasts forever – and this will also end. Your job is to endure and continue kicking.

2. There is always a tomorrow

Today may be rainy, but tomorrow will bring in some sunshine (or at least clean fresh breathable air). There’s a rainbow after every storm, and there’s a silver lining to every cloud.

Tomorrow is a new hope and a new kick – never lose your optimism.

3. There’s no point in obsessing over things

Ask yourself – do you have any say in what’s happening to you? Can you control the situation? What can you do about it? And then start doing it.

If it’s out of your control, there’s no point in obsessing over it too much. Just accept the reality and do whatever is in your power. Thoughts are nothing without action – obsessing is the key which locks the door of opportunity through action.

4. You are not alone

We all have ups and downs – nobody’s life is perfect. Some people just choose to act with a more positive outlook and do everything it takes to make their happiness a thing they truly deserve.

But even these people have struggles. We all do.

5. Good things are on their way

Life is filled with surprises, positive ones just as much as the negative. If you are willing to accept them, good things will come to you. The wheel is turning, never forget that.

6. If you are afraid of it, face it

Fear is our worst enemy – because it makes us stop where we are strong enough to overcome. It’s an illusion, however. If you are afraid of something you need to do, face your fears and take bold steps.

7. There’s no such thing as ‘free’

Nothing in life comes for free – the events that take place in your life are there to balance things out. Your actions call for your happiness, or lack thereof. Whatever brought you here is a challenge that you need to face, and once you truly understand its lesson, there is a reward.

8. If it affects your happiness negatively, don’t do it

Our sole purpose in life is to be true to ourselves and to love ourselves. We contribute to our happiness, and we contribute to our misery. If something makes you feel unhappy, simply say no and do the things that bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

9. Your situation won’t stop the world

And therefore, you shouldn’t think that anybody owes you anything because you’re feeling down. Instead, focus on your challenge and face it. Help is always welcome, but you already have all the strength within.

10. There’s a reason for everything

Don’t be afraid of where you are, as there’s a strong reason for that. Nothing is coincidental, and there is a lesson to be learned of all that. Sometimes, when a tree grows a branch in the shade, that branch dies because it cannot thrive there. Allow to grow again from where you’ve fallen, there’s a better path you’ll be walking.

11. The good days are more worth it when you see the bad ones

If it weren’t for the downs, you’d never truly understand how beautiful the ups look. If you don’t see the bad, you’ll never appreciate the good. The negative periods in life only give more strength to the positive ones, and the ability to learn how to preserve your happiness throughout all of them.

12. Your story doesn’t end here

Turning a page in your life will make the previous ones dark and closed. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck between the closed pages – your story doesn’t end there. Every new chapter in life has its own fresh beginning that holds the wisdom from the previous ones and the opportunities of the next ones.


Never feel down because you’re down. Accept your current situation and be a fighter. You are not only alive, you are also kicking – and you should never be afraid to do everything it takes to understand yourself better and to grow from the depths you have reached.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” – C.G. Jung


Source: Awareness Act