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12 Things You Need To Understand If The Person You Love Has ADHD


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is considered as one of the most common childhood disorders. The term has a broad meaning and that’s the reason this particular condition varies from person to person.

There are an estimated 6.4 million diagnosed children in the United States alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Living with this kind of disorder is very difficult, because to people who are victims of ADHD, everything seems magnified and more intense. Their minds are constantly on alert, thinking, designing, and never resting. Just imagine what it would be like if you had a carousel in your head that has the power to go on forever.

Everything, from emotional outbursts to troubling with paying attention to a specific activity, these behaviors can be harmful to themselves as well as their relationships.

ADHD is a very mysterious condition of both extremes and opposites. For example, there are times when they can’t concentrate on a subject. However, when there is some specific topic that they show interest in, a person with ADHD can zone in so hard, that it would be difficult to pull them out of there.

That’s why understanding a person with this kind of disorder can be a serious challenge. It will require your utmost patience, tolerance, and most importantly, your love.

In order to learn more about their condition, these are 12 things you need to know about a person suffering from ADHD:

 1. They become anxious easily

Known as deep thinkers, people who struggle with ADHD are more sensitive and receptive to their surroundings. They are often too self-conscious which usually gets in the way of their logical reasoning. Their self-consciousness affects them in a way that leaves them exhausted, and often frightened from their own thoughts.

 2. They listen to you but don’t engage in a conversation

Don’t confuse this behavior with rudeness. It’s one of the most painful consequences of living with ADHD. A person who struggles with this disorder will look at you, watch your lips move, even hear your words but won’t always perceive the thing you are saying. Chances are, their thoughts are already in a different space.

 3. They have a hard time staying on a certain task

People experiencing ADHD can easily lose focus on the certain task they’re completing, no matter how much they try not to. Their mind is always occupied with something else. Just like they’re inside of a maze, they start going in one direction, but they keep changing routes to get out safely out of it.

4. They are unable to control their emotions

They often have their emotions out of control and flying wild. The parts from their powerful minds make thoughts and feelings very hard to process, and from time to time, people struggling with ADHD feel like they’re constantly on a furious emotional roller-coaster.

 5. They suffer from social anxiety

Holding back rather than saying something is sadly their way of living life. They often feel uncomfortable with the fact they’re different. The foolish fear of saying something silly or reacting unsuitable prevents them from going through life care-free and nonchalant.

 6. They have verbal outbursts

As a consequence of not being able to regulate their emotions properly, they impulsively say everything that is on their mind, only to regret it later. The words that come off their mouths are the repressed emotions inside their head.

 7. They think out of the box

As one of the wonderful aspects of having ADHD is their ability to think out of the box, but only in the secluded company of their own. Their complex minds will think of ingenious solutions that the average thinker won’t even imagine.

 8.They are disorganized

The problem with people struggling with ADHD and disorganization lies in the way their brain functions. Once a task is completed, the papers related to it are placed in a pile which grows high until the person gets overwhelmed and cleans it up. The difficulty with keeping things in order is a result of their brain failing to function in a more disciplined manner.

 9.They can’t remember simple tasks

One of the paradox traits of ADHD victim is their memory. They easily forget to pick up groceries or go to a particular appointment. On the other hand, they remember every quote, phone number, and every comment they hear during the day. No matter how much reminders they set, their minds end up wandering off elsewhere.

10. They have difficulty stopping a task when they are in the zone

They have a problem with stopping whenever they’re in that desired zone. Imagine like they’re out there exploring deep at the bottom of an ocean. No matter how low their oxygen might be running, they won’t stop until they find what they’re searching for.

11. They are impatient

Easily annoyed, constantly fidgeting, twirling their hair and always pushing for things to happen; a person with ADHD is in constant motion. Impossibly to imagine, but it’s their own state of calmness.

12. They are extremely passionate about everything they do

Their thoughts, emotions, and words are all magnified and very powerful. And this is a great blessing when channeled properly. Because, when a person with ADHD is committed to doing something, they do it with their heart and soul. These people are always deep, intense and perceptive. That’s why a person with ADHD is so lovable.

One of the most famous artists, musicians and writers had ADHD. They succeeded because they had the unconditional support and love from their partner just like you supporting them through their life difficulties.

It’s really challenging to love a person suffering from this type of disorder but at the same time, it’s important to know that they possess the most awesome qualities that you’ll enjoy once you understand the way these people think and feel.