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12 Ways Manipulators Try To Lure You Into Their Trap And Take Total Control Over You


Manipulators, manipulators everywhere. No matter how much you try to avoid these people, somehow, they are always lurking behind the next corner, waiting for their next victim.

If you’ve ever confronted these people, or you were involved in a relationship with them, you already know how hard it is to save yourself from their wicked claws. But for those of you who have never been through this hell, here is some useful information about these toxic manipulators.

 I hope you never find out the pain of dealing with them. But just in case you do, make sure to always remember this. Manipulators will do everything to lure you into their trap and take total control over you. These are some of their most common methods:

1. They love pointing out your weaknesses. The more they put you down, the more you doubt yourself. And the more insecure you become, the easier it is for them to bend you to their will. That’s how they take control of your mind and body.

2. Everything is always about them. They don’t care about being there for others or helping a person in need because there is no one more important than themselves. Manipulators love being the center of attention. Being under the spotlight is what feeds their greedy egos.

3. They try hard to isolate you from everyone you love just so they can have you all for themselves. Cutting you off from your loved ones is their way of isolating you from the world. They need you to be broken, fragile, insecure and disappointed in everyone because that is the only way for them to get you to do what they want.

4. They enjoy playing the victim game. But don’t forget. This is their way of luring you into their trap. They are not really the victim. The mask they wear is there to fool you and make you their prisoner.

5. They convince you they are on your side and just when you start to open up, they show you their real face. This is their favorite game.

6. They know how to twist your words around and make you doubt yourself. Manipulators are masters at making something seem different than it really is. Their favorite activity is making people fools by manipulating their words.

7. They love giving people the silent treatment. They don’t really care what others have to say. That is why they don’t really bother explaining themselves to people. Manipulators simply avoid confrontation and give people the silent treatment.

8. They never take responsibility for their own actions. They don’t own up to their mistakes. They don’t care about being a kind, honest and noble person in the eyes of others. They only care about their needs. If they need to make someone go mad in order to get what they want, they will do it.

9. They take advantage of your emotions. So, beware. If you love a person like this, they won’t hesitate to use your feelings against you whenever they find it convenient. Manipulators don’t stop until they make their dreams come true. Even if that means walking all over someone to get there.

10. They know exactly how to guilt trip you into doing the things that you hate doing. They have many tricks up their sleeve. They will keep reminding you how much they’ve done for you until you actually agree to do that thing that you hate.

11. They enjoy making you feel less important. Whatever you are going through, nothing is more important than their own needs and their own problems. You and your issues just don’t matter that much to them.

12. They tend to use their rage every time they confront others. They cannot control their emotions and so it doesn’t take much for them to go from completely chill to aggressive. If you know someone like this, make sure to get out of their way in time. These people are not the ones that you want to be around.