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12 Ways The Sarcastic Girl With A Big, Soft Heart Loves Differently


You know her, I know her. We’ve all been in the presence of a witty and sarcastic woman who owns a big, soft heart. But, let’s face it… not all of us could accept and understand the nature of these special human beings.

Having a sarcastic mind is undoubtedly a great sign of intelligence, but unfortunately, it’s also interpreted as having a rude and sassy attitude. It takes a special someone to really understand what’s going inside her heart. It takes a real man to really love her for who she is.

Because when it comes to love, a sarcastic girl with a big, soft heart loves much differently than other women.

Here’s why:

1. Opening up is not easy for her. The physical parts of the relationship usually come naturally for to her, but when it comes to undressing the soul, it’s a little hard for her to be emotionally naked in front of another human being. That’s the thing about these special creatures. Sarcasm is usually what helps them cover their fears and insecurities.

2. She has a sharp mouth. A woman with a sassy and sarcastic attitude is a woman who is 100% real, regardless of whether you like it or not. She always speaks her mind. She’s usually known as the rude one since her mouth has no filter and she always says it exactly how it is – no matter how offensive or inappropriate it may seem.

3. Sometimes, she seems a bit indifferent. She’s the kind of girl who is very cautious before expressing her genuine, pure emotions. As a result, she often seems very withdrawn and indifferent.  

4. But underneath that hard, unbreakable shell, there’s a vulnerable woman trying to find the courage to express what she really feels. Even though she’s using her sarcasm as a shield and she’s trying to project a different image of herself, underneath it all, she’s just a soft fur ball trying to love.

5. She’s a patient listener. She will sit right there beside you, hold your hand and listen to everything you have to say. Sarcastic women might not seem highly empathic, but when someone they love needs their help, they’re always there.

6. She will never pretend to be something she’s not. She doesn’t half-ass anything. With her, it’s usually all or nothing. If she doesn’t love, she will let you know. But, if she loves you, you’re about to experience love in all its magical realms and dimensions.

7. She has the best sense of humor. She makes crude jokes on her own account and she is the best person to be around. A sarcastic mind combined with witty mouth and big soft heart is what everyone dreams of.

8. She’ll really appreciate the little things you do for her. Even though she won’t resist her urge to make fun of your cheesy behavior, she’ll still appreciate you for understanding the importance of those little things. But, more importantly, she’ll be thrilled to see that you actually enjoy doing them.

9. She might not look like it, but, deep down, she’s a hopeless romantic. Her heart is full of love. The depth of her soul is never-ending. She only needs the right man beside her to finally open up and give all the love she carries with her.

10. She’s an obsessive over-thinker. Even though she seems aloof, her mind is a really confusing place to live in. She constantly overthinks her actions. Her moves are predetermined and well calculated, no matter how spontaneous she may seem.

11. She is outspoken. She hates to be diplomatic. Why? She simply doesn’t want to put a cherry on top of everything. She is not the person who will sugarcoat the truth for you, so you could easily swallow it. While everyone else pretends and searches for appropriate ways of saying something, she’s not afraid to be completely honest to people. Even if her honesty hurts someone.

12. But, she’s also emotional and sensitive. Still, no matter how much she tries to be her hardcore, careless, badass self, she’s a sensitive human being with real feelings and a soft, pure heart. She has her own pain, her own tears, her own insecurities. She just doesn’t want to show them in front of everyone.

12 Ways The Sarcastic Girl With A Big, Soft Heart Loves Differently