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12 Weird Things BFFs Do That Prove They Are Soulmates


Having someone who’ll always be there for you is one of the most important things in life. That’s where our best friends come into the picture. I’m sure you’ve had one of them. Having a best friend is a lot different from having 1000 Facebook “friends”. It’s that person that understands us on a deeper level and loves us unconditionally.

Here are the reasons why these genius weirdos are our so-called soulmates…

1. A true soulmate is measured in the ability to cope with your not-so-fine days. Whenever you feel the blues, they are the first person to turn up and brighten your day. A good friend will always make sure to be a shoulder to cry on, even if it’s 4 am in the morning.

2. You can tell a best friend anything without having to say “Don’t judge me, but…”. Believe me, they won’t. Chances are they’ve already done the same stupid thing or maybe even worse. And you’re still there for each other. What was that saying? “I’m the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body”. Yup, that’s the one.

3. Best friends are needy. We love that form of affection even if it’s wrapped up in jealousy when we’re out spending time with some other friends.

4. They are brutally honest and realistic to the point of criticism. And of course, by criticism I mean constructive. There’s no such thing that can be harmful to our relationship. Again, thank you for this. If it weren’t for you, who knows how many drunken ex-boyfriend calls there would be.

5. Best friends are 24/7 together. Even when they’re not with each other, you can find them on the phone, reviving just another regular mini-drama one of them had or binge gossiping that stuck-up girl from last Friday’s party. They are basically the perfect package.

6. There’s this weird, but amazing connection between best friends that includes magically hating the same people. When it comes down to your circles, it’s safe to say that you like and dislike the same types of people. Bonding time goals!

7. On top of it, you have special code names for these people, hand signals, heck; some of you creative besties have even a secret alphabet. However, you couldn’t care less if you are subtle or not, so your conversations mostly sound “CRAY-ZAY”.

8. Best friends are those magical people who you can call at any time and tell them all of the dumb and meaningless things that happened to you just for the sake of doing it. Because somehow when you are together everything has a meaning, and for some reason, it’s a thrill discussing every little detail of your lives.

9. Soulmates share all of the gross and extremely intimate information with each other. Whether it’s the horror of the first-time sex-act or the results of her routine gyno-visit, you name it. The list goes on.

10. True soul mates have absolutely no problem staying naked or undressing in front of each other, as weird as it sounds. Parteey!

11. A best friend knows all of your social media accounts and digital passwords, just in case they need to log in instead of you and stalk the hell out of their ex who blocked them a few days ago. Friends in need are friends indeed right?

12. If this isn’t enough for you… Here comes another one. They are faithful as they come, will help you unravel every mystery and go through every theory on the subject “Why didn’t he call me?” After carefully examining the evidence you two gathered from Facebook, they’ll come up with the perfect explanation.

All of these reasons are simply not enough to justify their holiness. Shout out to all of our besties! We love you beyond words.

Source: Thought Catalog