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12-Year-Old Boy Who Transitioned To Female Changes His Mind Two Years Later


An Australian boy who underwent a sex-change procedure changed his mind after 2 years in the process.

At the age of 12, Patrick Mitchell decided to start taking estrogen hormones after he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria – a condition where a person is in a state of unease because their gender identity does not match with their biological sex.

And after talking to his mother and consulting with professionals, it was decided that the procedure would be the right choice for Patrick.

With the full support of his mother, Patrick grew his hair out and started taking estrogen hormones, and in turn, his body started growing breasts.

By 2017, the teachers at Patrick’s school began to refer to him as a girl, and this made him start questioning whether he made the right decision.

Feeling confused, he had a heart to heart with his mother, explaining to her that he wasn’t sure that he was a girl and that he wanted to transition back into a boy.

Now, to revert to his original sex, Patrick stopped taking the estrogen therapy and is about to undergo surgery to remove the breasts that have grown.

Gender dysphoria is rare, but public awareness of this condition has encouraged people to become more open about it and take the appropriate steps.

Children exhibit gender dysphoria early in their development, behaving and dressing in ways that are typical of the opposite gender. While this may seem confusing to the parents, it is nevertheless something which is real and requires attention.

If you suspect that you or your child may have gender dysphoria, it’s recommended that you consult with a doctor. You should be aware that gender dysphoria can be very traumatic and there have even been cases of self-mutilation and suicides where proper treatment hadn’t been provided.