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13 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The Wrong Person And How To Break The Cycle


You’re probably reading this being single, thinking about your next relationship where you’ll end up with a wrong person. Again. Or maybe you’re already in a relationship with the wrong person which makes you feel like being stuck in a huge labyrinth: lost in its complexity, no clue how to find the way and get out of it. Again.

You consider yourself a magnet for attracting wrong people. And it seems like a never-ending story. Always. Why do you repeat the same stories?

Haven’t your Mr./Mrs. “Real One” shown up yet? No? Are you wondering how to get lucky in love and attract them?

Here are 13 well-packed reasons why you’re addicted to bad relationships and how to break free from their vicious spell.

1. You jump from one to another relationship quickly.

You don’t give yourself enough time. Time to discover who you are. Time to think about what you really want from a partner. Time to be sad and recover. Time to enjoy with yourself. Getting yourself a new partner repeatedly doesn’t mean you’ll get the real one. Think about that.

2. You constantly look for partners who don’t treat you the way you deserve.

You don’t love yourself. How can you expect someone else to value you highly if you lack self-respect? Don’t let anyone make you question your sense of self-worth. Most importantly: don’t do this to yourself. Love yourself, treat yourself well and know you deserve only well.

3. You fall head over hills with bad women/men.

The worst thing is that you chase them. I don’t blame you. Not at all. There’s something mystical about them: they’re wild, challenging, exciting…unpredictable and wicked. They’ll do everything to sweep you off your feet. After that, you become boring and they get ready to win another trophy. Are you sure you want to be their toy?

4. You choose a partner based on their physical appearance.

I’m not saying you should fall in love with someone you don’t feel attracted to. I’m saying, looks shouldn’t be the only thing you pay attention to. Personality is something which should be taken into consideration while dating as well. So, if you’re about to choose between someone who’s incredibly handsome but treats you badly and the one who’s the total opposite, who’d you choose? Look beyond chemistry.

5. You accept their lies.

You fail to pay attention to facts. You’re so in love that you enjoy romanticizing situations. Their lies always seem to be sweet and innocent. Be cautious. When you have your head in the clouds, keep your feet on the ground. Step back and watch what they do instead of what they tell. Don’t make it become their habit by accepting lies again and again.

6. You run away from commitments.

You don’t want to settle down. Admit it. Maybe you’re afraid of not being hurt again. Maybe you just want to have some fun without being attached. Whatever your reason is, don’t be afraid to commit. Kissing so many frogs might lead you to the real one, but you lost them because you didn’t want to commit. Break the cycle and give it a chance.

7. You let them consider you a parent, not a partner.

You don’t want to act like their parent. Trust me. You don’t want to be the only one who’ll do the dishes, go to groceries, make surprises, care about their needs. Showing care is healthy. Showing too much care is dangerous. Your needs are as important as theirs. Remember that and prioritize them.

8. You put a great emphasis on how much money they make.

Sad but true. To you, nothing matters most than their financial status. Well, if you’re truly looking for the right person, money shouldn’t mean the world to you because money comes and goes; “when we die, it goes bye bye.” Focus on connecting on a deeper level. Focus on love instead.

9. You keep falling in love with emotionally unavailable people.

A person who already has a partner, the one who’s interested in sex only, the one who shows love through texting and long-distance relationships… No matter they say they love you the most, you’ll always end up as their second option. You’re much more than that.

10. You don’t know what you want.

It’s more than important for you to be clear about your own thoughts and feelings and what type of person you’d like to attract. Explore yourself from within. If you’re not sure about what you want and need, you’ll always attract the wrong type of person. And that’s devastating.

11. You let others decide for you.

Your choice mustn’t depend on what people think or say. You don’t want the other person or you to get unhappy. It’s a matter of your life – your choices. Take into consideration and respect others’ opinions but feel free to decide for yourself. Without the need for anyone’s approval. And you don’t owe an explanation.

12. You choose people with similar qualities.

If your type is “the bad one”, you stick to them only. If 5 of them didn’t fit your expectations, why the new one who’s the same type would? Use your logic. Try to experiment a little bit. Maybe the other type of person will surprise you about how well they fit you.

13. You think you attract only wrong people.

That’s why you’re more likely to attract them. As it’s said: we attract what we are and believe. Always think positively and the right person will show up at your door. You just need to make sure it’s open.

Image: Claudio Martella