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13 Short Horror Movies You Can Watch In 20 Minutes Or Less


These horror movies may be short, but they are intense and terrifying. So, plug in your headphones, turn up the volume …and switch off the lights (if you dare). 

1. Bedfellows (1.5 min)

A woman wakes up to her phone ringing. Can you guess who is on the phone?

2. VICIOUS (12 min.)

The night is indeed full of terrors.

3. The Smiling Man (7 min.)

A girl, home alone, meets something which can be only defined as pure evil.

4. The Cop Cam (2 min.)

A cop follows up on a disturbance call to find something he wasn’t ready to handle.

5. MR CREAK (3.5 min.)

“Don’t move a muscle, don’t even speak. He watches closely, he’s Mr. Creak.”

6. Clickbait (4 min.)

Browsing for creepy photos has become even creepier.

7. VICTIM (14 min.)

Based on the story of Slender Man. A boy spots a tall pale figure and it won’t go away.

8. Passenger (3.5 min.)

A driver decides to spend the night in his car. Then a knock comes…

9. DOWNSTAIRS (17 min.)

The night shift can be quite dull for many. Then again, many wouldn’t like to have a shift like this guy. Don’t go downstairs…

10. Attic Panic (3 min.)

And don’t go in the attic where this woman finds more than just empty boxes.

11. Charlie (16 min.)

What happens when you break that chain letter and the curse comes true?

12. Occupied (5 min.)

A night shift where the bathroom break turns out to be not as relaxing.

13. I Heard It Too (14 min.)

A girl wakes up to her mother calling her name, but is it really her mother?