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13 Things You Can Learn From People With True Integrity


Integrity is perhaps the most important trait that one could possess. It’s a set of habits and moral values that make for the most successful and strongest people in the world. Unfortunately, it seems that integrity has become a rare trait in a world of people who are trying to be liked by others at the cost of their true identity and values.

Although some people are born with this trait, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one cannot learn to practice it. It’s because doing these things means following your truest nature and goodness inside and respecting that of those around you.

So, here are 13 things that people with true integrity possess:

  1. Valuing other people’s time

People with true integrity value their own time, and they value that of those around them. They are aware that everybody has a lot of things on their hands and that nobody will do them for them.

They respect the time you have dedicated to them and they will never hold you up. On the contrary, if they see that you are beginning to sacrifice your time for them, they will urge you to go on with whatever you must do and thank you for the precious time you have spent with them.

  1. Giving credit where it’s due

They will never think of taking credit for the things they haven’t done. Instead, they will not only be very grateful if you have helped them and will do everything that you take credit for that.

They don’t like bragging with other people’s successes and attributing them as if they are theirs. They consider this as a very low move and will lose all respect for people who tend to do it.

  1. Being authentic – always

People with true integrity will never try to be someone else for the sake of people liking them. If you like them, you will like them for who they really are, and if you don’t – well they don’t think that they have to be liked by everyone.

You will find it very hard to catch them being fake or insincere about themselves, simply because they never are.

  1. Seeing honesty as strength

Sure, you can easily get by with lies when they are necessary, but a person with true integrity will never be satisfied with such results. That’s why they choose to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, no matter the circumstances.

This doesn’t mean that they are blunt and inconsiderate, as they don’t blurt out things because they came to their mind. They know when to say what, and it will always be sincere.

  1. Never taking advantage of others

These people believe in their capabilities and they find taking advantage of others as something very degrading to their personality. Instead of using the weakness of others to their own ends, they would try to help these people to grow and become stronger.

  1. Accepting disagreements

You will not see a person with integrity arguing over disagreements. They accept people’s different points of view and they will try to talk things through instead of arguing over them. If it can’t be done in a civil manner, they will back down and go on their way.

  1. Giving people the benefit of the doubt

They are always aware of the good that lies in everybody, and they will allow themselves to believe in this good. It’s not that they trust people blindly, but they know that everybody has their own temptations and that they can be overcome.

But try and take advantage of them too much and they will quickly leave you with yourself and they will leave you for good.

  1. Being aware of other people’s state of mind

Their excellent intuition allows them to tell if something is happening. They will easily notice your state of mind and will act accordingly. For example, if it’s not your day, they will notice without you saying anything about it and will try to cheer you up.

  1. Choosing to believe others

People with integrity will allow you to tell your version of reality and will believe you until the truth comes to the surface. Even if you lie to them, you can’t fool them with that. If something really matters to them, they will eventually understand the truth about it.

  1. Always ready to apologize

Everybody can make a mistake and true integrity doesn’t grant you immunity to this. But it does come with the ability to see your error and own it up. These people may even become aware of their mistake before you do, and they will always apologize and try to make things right.

  1. Being humble

They do things as they do because it’s in their nature to function in this way. That said, they are not always aware of their true worth and just how much good they really do. And they don’t feel like they need to know this – they are true to themselves and they don’t feel the need for such approval.

  1. Doing good whenever possible

Doing good is what they believe in the most. If they can, they will always help people out, and do whatever is in their power to see them happy and safe. They believe in the power of goodness, and this gives them a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

  1. Always being kind

It’s not that they can’t be harsh, but it’s that they prefer being kind to everyone around them. They know that people need kindness and that only through kindness can you inspire people to become greater.

If you possess these traits, you should know that you are very true to yourself and this makes you true to everyone around you. Integrity is something which deserves a lot of respect and admiration, so thank you for being you and for all that you do.

Only through true integrity can we make a difference in this world which is becoming faker and more insincere with every passing day. Truth is beauty, and being true to oneself and to the good inside is the greatest truth in the world.

Source: Awareness Act
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