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13 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Black-Hearted Person


Evil exists in different forms and shapes, the human one being the most dangerous. And it almost always wears a mask to fool the victim.

The common thing that they all possess is their egocentric attitude – they don’t care about the needs of others as long as theirs are satisfied.

And even though it is difficult to distinguish evil people because they all look “normal,” there are some telltale signs that all evil people share. Here are 13 basic signs that reveal an evil person:

1. They Cannot See The Reality

They only see the reality that corresponds to their needs and their egocentric agenda. They don’t bother to see things from your point of view or try to understand you. Plus. they will make you follow their vision and fulfill their demands.

2. They Are Manipulative Maniacs

When they set their mind on achieving something these people go to any lengths to achieve it. They could even walk over corpses if they had to. They are willing to deceive, manipulate, and hurt anyone that would try to get on their way.

3. They Are Pathological Liars

Lies are part of their nature. These people are pathological liars and they simply can’t speak the truth because that would mean taking off their mask of deceit. And they would rather die than show their true colors.

4. They Never Apologize

Black-hearted people believe that they are superior to everyone and that they are always right, and their way is the only right way. This makes them unable to be humble and to say, “I’m sorry” when they are wrong. Because, they are never wrong, right?

5. They Often Hide Information

They always trick others into believing them blindly even though they are the most manipulative people and they never reveal everything.

6. They Don’t Respect Your Time

Black-hearted people think that the world revolves around them and that others should alter their schedules to meet their needs. They don’t value anyone’s time as they care only about theirs.

7. They Demand Constant Attention

With their sense of superiority comes their constant demands of attention. They think that they are worthy of anyone’s time and respect and others should always give them the royal treatment because they feel they are inclined to it.

8. They Are Irresponsible

These people don’t think about the consequences of their actions and words. They don’t care if someone would be hurt because of their recklessness and lack of empathy. They care only about achieving their goals. Once they get what they wanted they are gone.

9. They Live A Double Life

They always wear masks to hide their true nature. They treat everyone differently. As long as they can see a benefit from someone they would be all nice and good, and when someone no longer gives them what they want they wouldn’t even notice their existence.

10. They Are Not Trustworthy

All they do is following a scheme to manipulate you into following their selfish agenda. These people are the most untrustworthy of all.

11. They Always Think That Everyone Owes Them Something

Black-hearted people truly believe that they are unique and special and thus they deserve a special place in the world. They feel like everyone else should cater to their needs because they are marvelous human beings just by existing and being themselves.

12. They Create Their Own Facts

They always get the upper hand just by manipulating others into following their twisted logic. They can even change the facts to seem as real and make everyone believe them.

13. They Don’t Feel Guilt Or Regret

Nothing makes them feel bad because they think highly of themselves. They don’t feel guilty for manipulating and using others because the only thing that matters to them is their goals, not other people’s emotions.

Have you been around a black-hearted person? Did you recognize them? And what was your way of dealing with them?

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