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11 Ways Your Life Gets Instantly Better When You Stop Going Out


That constant Friday night bar-hopping and crowd-surfing can be quite exhausting from time to time. What if you actually gave yourself a break and enjoyed this weekend from the comfort of your bedroom?

I know some of this might be too hard to handle for all of you party animals out there, but there’s no harm in trying. 

Just imagine this scenario: Looong warm bubble-baths, that long-awaited alone time with your favorite book and a cup of coffee, cozy movie-marathon nights, finishing off that whole grain chocolate bar with a nice glass of wine… ooh goodie. The list of pampering oneself on a Friday night can go for miles.

 Take a peek at these 14 reasons why staying up home rather than getting wasted can be this year’s optimal resolution.

1. You’ll save a lot of money

One of the most beneficial reasons to stay at home in my opinion.  You’ll still have those delicious meals but in the comfort of your home and for a much fairer price. You’ll also enjoy having the time to actually cook something by yourself while enjoying that fine glass of wine.

Another reason? You’ll avoid the horror of getting wasted and buying a ton of rounds for people who you’ve happened to meet under those awkward circumstances. Not to mention cab fees or entry fees.

2. You’ll get rid of excessive weight

It’s safe to say that this way you can definitely avoid those 3 am blacked-out visits to McDonald’s or the local town bakery, which by the way happens to make the best chocolate croissants. 

3. You’ll wake up to the joy of not regretting last night’s decision(s)

“Oh God, how could I do that?”; “What was I thinking?” You know that awful feeling when you’re full of regrets? I know you do. That might be the potential scenario if you choose wasting yourself instead of Netflix chilling.

4. You’ll have more time to be productive

When you loosen up on going out every weekend in a row, you give yourself the much-needed free time for thousands of productive ways to spend your day. Why spend your Saturday oversleeping when you can use that sun for a perfect stroll in the park with your best friend?

5. You’ll finally get your beauty sleep

Not going out will leave you just enough time to work on your sleeping schedule. Because we all know how important it is to maintain your beauty sleep in order to focus on productive activity throughout the next day. There’s a huge difference between going to bed at 12 am and going to bed at 5 am. The main difference is your actual state of soberness.

6. You’ll ease up on social pressure

Have you ever felt that pressure in nonstop going out? Constantly rushing to be on time, rushing to catch that cab, pressuring yourself to be sociable even when you don’t feel like it, stressing to look great and attractive.  Wouldn’t be nice if for once you actually save your energy from all that mess and indulge in the serenity of an all-nighter Harry Potter marathon with a warm cup of tea?

7. You won’t wake up with the possible horror of 50 drunken tagged pics

Oh, the horror…  There might not always be exactly 50 drunken selfies, but I’m sure all of you have gone through this kind of awful morning after. You don’t even remember the night let alone the photographic evidence. The best way to deal with it… It’s by simply avoid doing it.

8. You’ll give your liver the TIMEOUT it deserved

People, this one is a very serious issue. Depending on the amount of drinking or partying on a weekend night, the consequences are severe. Save yourself the trouble and give your body the TIMEOUT it really deserves by simply reducing that unhealthy way of life.

9. It’s less likely you’ll end up losing your stuff

Big party on Friday night. You know how it is. You’ll either hold on to your personal belongings the whole night or you’ll end up leaving without your new leather coat. And let’s assume that the “drunken you” will definitely won’t think twice before leaving everything in the corner.  Let’s skip this one out, shall we?

10. You won’t have another one of your emotional drunkity-drunk episodes

There are also the famous “emotional breakdowns”.  We’ve all been a victim of a drunken emotional episode. The worst part about it is that the situation that has upset you in the first place probably isn’t even that big of a deal. You wouldn’t have to go through all of that drama or wonder how did it end if you chose to stay in that night.

11. You can just unwind and relax  

Probably the best thing about not going out all the time is the chance to finally unwind and relax. You can indulge in every mood, every little thing you didn’t have the time to do up until now. There is an ocean of opportunities.  Choose your favorite activities and enjoy.

At the end, it all depends on you. It’s a fact that socializing and going out is a crucial step in order to live a cultural and more fulfilled life. But never ever underestimate your alone time. It is the only sacred time where you can be at one with your thoughts and preferences.