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15+ Amazing Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know


1. Disneyland gets overrun by stray cats during the night, but they treat them as pets because the cats keep in check the mouse population.

2. The Guinness World Records ceased to reward the fattest cat (or any other animal in this category) in order to stop the overfeeding of animals.

3. Cats bring you dead animals because they think of you as someone who can’t survive on their own, so they are giving you presents.

4. When a cat winks at you or slowly closes its eyes only to quickly open them again – it means that they think of you as a friend they can trust.

5. One physicist has made his cat the co-author of his scientific paper because instead of writing “I” he had accidentally written “we” throughout it, and he couldn’t bother to change it.

6. In Belgium, in 1879, cats were used for delivering mail. So, cats as postmen were something which didn’t prove to be a success.

7. One study discovered that cats recognize their owner’s voice, but they are choosing to ignore it on purpose.

8. One cat named Oscar could predict when people in his nursing home would die. He did this so accurately that the staff immediately would call the person’s relatives.

9. The two oldest recorded cats in the world lived to 34 and 36 years and they both had the same owner that feed them only with broccoli, eggs, bacon, and coffee.

10. When Mary Todd Lincoln was asked whether her husband had any hobbies, she simply replied – “Cats.”

11. Cat owners have three times less risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

12. More than 70 cats live in the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Russia to catch mice that might chew the artworks. The cats have even their own press secretary.

13. A cat’s brain is more similar to the human’s brain than to a dog’s. The similarity is 90%.

14. The Guinness World Record for the loudest purring cat belongs to a cat named Merlin. He can purr with a loudness of 67.8 DB(A) which is approximately as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

15. Sailors consider black cats as bringers of good luck, and they sometimes use them as “ship’s cats” in the hopes of bringing a safe voyage.

16. President Lincoln’s love for cats was uncanny. One time, during a formal dinner at the White House, he seated his cats at the dinner table and had them eat together with his guests.

17. A Japanese island called Aoshima is a place where cats outnumber people in a proportion of 6 to 1.

18. A cat sleeps 70% of its life.

19. Male cats are typically left-pawed while female cats tend to be right-pawed.

20. 65-85% of all white cats with blue eyes are deaf.

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