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15 Popular Houseplants to Add Some Green to Your Space


Looking to add a bit of green in your home? Why not try one of these 15 popular houseplants!

Are you looking for something new to spice up your personal space? Getting a houseplant would be a great investment for your home. Houseplants bring color, life and even help to purify the air within your home.

Trendy indoor plants are making a comeback in home decor. Everyone loves a room filled with fabulous green plants. 

There are many different kinds of houseplants to choose from. Some that require low light and minimal work while others may need to be kept a close eye on. Sometimes the best way to kill a plant is by watering it too much so be careful.

Keep reading to find the 15 most popular houseplants and hopefully find one to add to your home.

  1. Pothos Plant

This is a very trendy indoor houseplant because of its leaves. It is a very low maintenance plant and often called “devil’s ivy” because it is very hard to kill. You will want to hang this plant high so the vines are able to grow long.

This is a great plant for rooms with bright and indirect sunlight but it can also tolerate low light conditions. You will want to wait for your pothos plant to dry out before watering. 

  1. Bunny Ear Cactus

A bunny ear cactus plant is different from the normal cactus you may be thinking of. This plant will bring a fun and unique element to your space. It has flat branches that look fuzzy but are definitely still prickly like a cactus.

You will find the bunny ear cactus very easy to take care of. This plant does need a lot of sunlight. Make sure you let all of the excess water drain out of this plant and remove any water left in the saucer after watering. 

  1. Red Prayer Plant

This is another unique plant because its leaves have hints of red and pink shades. These colors really pop out against the dark green leaves and will be a staple in your home.

It also grows very fast and can adapt to nearly all light conditions.

You should water this plant when the topsoil gets dry and it’s recommended to mist your red prayer plant every once in a while. During the day the plant’s leaves lay flat but at night they fold up like they’re praying which is where they get their name.  

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This plant can grow up to 50 feet tall but only in its natural tropical rain forest environment. If you want your fiddle leaf fig to grow nice and tall you may need to change pot sizes as it grows.

Also known as the ficus lyrata, this plant does best in bright but indirect light. You will know when to water your fiddle leaf fig when its leaves become soft and the topsoil is dry. You can get more Ficus Lyrata Info and even buy one for your own home. 

  1. Calathea Orbifolia

This is a plant with huge leaves and thick white streaks running through it. You may find yourself caring for your Calathea Orbifolia a bit differently than some of the other houseplants you find. You will need to stay calm and make slow adjustments for your plant to thrive.

This plant requires low but reliable light, moist soil and good drainage. The Calathea Orbifolia is a plant for someone with a lot of time and passion on their hands. 

  1. Crocodile Fern

This fern is becoming more and more popular. It’s big glossy leaves and texture make it appear to look just like alligator skin.

This is another plant that requires extra care and will need to be looked after a few times a week.

The crocodile fern needs a lot of water but does not do well if its soil is constantly wet and soggy. A bathroom or kitchen would be the best place for this plant because they need humidity. 

  1. Areca Palm

The areca palm, also known as the golden cane palm, is a very tall plant and could be the focal point of any room.

They do well in direct sunlight but also can use a little bit of shade once in a while. You will need to make sure this plant has a good drainage system because it does not do well if there is water stuck around its roots in the soil.

Palms will also help purify the air in your home which makes them a great choice for a houseplant.

  1. Elephant Ears Plant

If you’re looking for a big plant to fill space in your home, then the elephant ears plant is the one for you. This tropical plant has 2-3 foot leaves that can be purplish-black, green or even a white and green mix.

You will want to display it in direct sunlight but it will also require a bit of shade so it doesn’t burn. You may want to invest in a humidifier for this plant because it does require high humidity to really thrive. You will also want to keep the temperature in your home between 65-75 F.

The elephant ears plant requires a lot of extra attention and is good for plant owners who are able to adapt. 

  1. Snake Plant

A snake plant would be a great centerpiece for a low-end table because they grow very tall although some can also be a bit short. This is another unique plant that will add character to any room especially a bedroom.

Besides its uniqueness, this is an extremely popular houseplant because it is very easy to care for. Make sure the soil of your snake plant is completely dry before giving it any more water.

This plant is very versatile when it comes to light. They can do well in low light which makes them good for a bedside table but can also adapt if they are put in high light. They will not do well in direct sunlight though and may even burn. 

  1. Ivy

Ivy’s leaves are very bright and distinct and could look good in any part of your home. They also go well in pretty much any planter. You could hang ivy or plant it in a large concrete bowl.

This plant also likes to be kept on the drier side and you should only water ivy when the topsoil is completely dry. Ivy prefers shaded areas that are like woodland environments but they are able to tolerate a bit of sunlight. 

  1. Anthurium

The anthurium will be a good conversation starter when guests come over to your house. It’s waxy red flowers almost make it look fake.

This plant is very easy to care for and will add a pop of color to all of your other beautiful house plants. The anthurium likes a well-lit place to stay but does not do well in direct sunlight.

You may want to put your anthurium in the bathroom because they do well with high humidity and warmth. You can get away with watering this plant once every one to two weeks but to really make it feel like the tropical plant it is you can spray it with water every once in a while too. 

  1. Chinese Water Bamboo

This is another easy plant to care for but also one of the top trendy house plants. If you tend to over water plants then this is a great one for you because they only require water to grow.

The Chinese water bamboo will do alright in low light levels but will not grow as much. If you place this plant in bright light it will do much better but avoid direct sunlight so it doesn’t burn.

You will want to keep this plant in lots of water and you also may need to change the water once in a while too. 

  1. Tillandsia

Tillandsia is apart of the succulent family, which are by far the easiest plants to take care of. They also tend to be very small houseplants so you can put them pretty much anywhere in your home.

You can occasionally mist this plant but they generally get all the water they need form the humidity in the air. The tillandsia doesn’t require soil as they do not have a root system and can be put in very unique planters to display them.

This plant is often referred to as an air plant because it gets it’s water from the air and doesn’t need any soil.

  1. String of Pearls

This is a different plant from your typical houseplant because of it’s small green bubbles hanging from its thin stem. String of pearls is definitely a quirky plant and will draw attention from all of your guests.

This plant also belongs in the succulent family making it fairly easy to care for. You will want to put this plant in bright light such as a sunny windowsill. You can soak the soil thoroughly when watering this plant but make sure it is able to completely dry out before watering it again. 

  1. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant has a very distinctive look because its leaves almost look like flat round coins.

This plant grows fairly quickly. You will want to let this plant’s soil dry out in between watering. If the leaves start to droop this is a sign your Chinese money plant needs more water.

This plant happily thrives in bright spaces but does not need direct sunlight. 

Even More Popular Houseplants

This is only a short list of trendy popular houseplants but there are many more. 

Whether you’re in the market for something easy to handle or you want something to care for and spend extra time with, then there is a houseplant for you. 

If you or a friend are looking for fun and trendy houseplants then please share this guide with them and find the perfect houseplant for your home.