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15 Clever Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know And Start Using Immediately

Psychological Tricks

Our minds are one complicated thing, if you decide to see them that way. However, these complicated processes are, in most cases, triggered by simple actions. If used in the right way, you can be the master of your mind and of the situations that involve you.

The mind works with its own patterns and if you are able to notice these patterns and use them to your advantage, then you have started using some very powerful mental tools.

They will help you anywhere from feeling more comfortable with yourself to getting a job that you like or just getting people to like you.

This is why we have compiled a list of 15 mental life hacks that you should know and start using immediately.

1. Silence is golden.

If you ask someone a question and they give you a partial answer, maintain eye contact and keep silent. You will eventually get the whole answer. People keep on explaining if they think that their answer is not enough.

2. Stop feeling anxious or nervous.

When you find yourself in situations which can be stressful or can make you anxious, the best way to handle them is to chew gum. Chewing gum makes your brain think that you are eating and that there’s no danger. That’s why, your brain will start feeling relaxed.

3. Who likes who?

When in a group and everybody is having a laugh, try to notice who is looking at who while laughing. When laughing, people tend to instinctively look at the person they feel (or want to feel) closest to.

4. They know you believe in what you are saying.

And this is why you should avoid using phrases like ‘I believe…’ or ‘I think…’ – it’s already implied by the fact that you are saying that thing. This will make you look more confident in whatever you are saying.

5. Keep your calm at all costs.

When a person is trying to argue with you, stay calm and don’t return the same feelings. The person may become even angrier when you do this, but what you are doing is in fact training them to lose the tantrums.

6. The way you act is the way you feel.

Our emotions come with physical manifestations and these emotional expressions are triggered by the emotions. The good thing is that it works the other way around too. So if you want to feel happy – act happy and smile a lot.

7. Brilliance is confidence

Many people can’t tell brilliance from confidence. If you look as if you know what you are doing, then people will automatically think that you are the best at it. Act confident and see them rally around you.

8. Even your interviewer is human!

The worst mistake one can do is to feel and act as if they were brought in the slaughterhouse for an interview. A good trick is to imagine that you are old friends with the interviewer. Show respect and be relaxed – the results are infectious.

9. Be the one you want to see in others.

This especially refers to excitement and happiness. If you show a person how happy and excited you are to see them, the next time you meet they will be a lot more excited and happier to see you. (That’s the trick dogs use on us)

10. Lesser your chances to be taken to task.

If you are on a meeting and you expect someone to take you to task, lose their pack mentality (and with that the chances to be attacked) by sitting right next to them. People feel less comfortable to attack someone if they lose their pack mentality.

11. Let them see how they look like.

If you work in customer service, try to install a big mirror behind you. People will be automatically nicer, as they feel less comfortable to become jerks if they are able see how they look like.

12. First ask for more, then ask for less.

This technique is called the “door-in-the-face technique” and it’s what makes even you buy things ‘on sale’ on a compulsive basis. People are more likely to agree to a smaller favor if they first deny a larger one.

13. Why feeling stressed, when you can feel exhilarated.

Stress and exhilaration come with the same physical symptoms (heavy breathing, increased heart rate, etc.). If you decide to look at a threatening or stressful situation as a challenging one, your stress will become exhilaration.

14. Associate yourself with fun and excitement.

When on a first date, take your date to some fun and exciting place. The person will start associating you with the thrilling feeling he/she experienced on that date.

15. Eye contact is everything.

Next time you are talking to a person, try to notice their eye color. The slightly increased eye contact you are establishing at that moment will have the person liking you even more.

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