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15 Subtle Ways To Mess With People That Everyone Should Try Once

how to mess with people

How to mess with someone? What’s your way of messing with people?

Read these 15 hilarious tips on how to effectively and subtly drive them nuts:

1. Instead of looking at people at their faces, when you are talking to them – look at them at their ears.

2. Ask your coworker if they have ever got a creepy “deja-vu feeling.” Then, a week later, ask them again.

3. When you are smoking a cigarette at a pub, and someone asks you if they may have one – tell them you don’t smoke. 

4. Hold the door open for some stranger who is at an awkwardly great distance away.

5. When someone is standing uncomfortably close to you while you two are talking, take small steps backward and see how far you can get them to walk across the room.

6. Start slowly increasing the mouse sensitivity on your siblings’ computers. Then, after 2 weeks, put them back to normal and pretend yours is slow too. Watch if they would figure it out.

7. During a conversation, occasionally say ‘no pun intended’ after you say something serious and normal. And then watch how they smile awkwardly because they don’t want to look stupid while trying to figure out in their heads what the pun was intended for.

8. Rotate your friend’s TV a little to the right every time you visit them.

9. When you meet someone for the first time, say ‘Nice meeting you again.’ Some may go along with it because they don’t want to seem like they don’t remember you; and you may hear some say something like ‘Yeah, nice seeing you. Wait! What?!”

10. Put random things on the table when your friend visits you and watch them getting engaged playing with them while silently thinking: ‘Dance monkey, dance!”

11. When someone you know is gossiping or being racist or sexist, pretend like you don’t understand them and keep asking them again and again what they mean. Eventually, they’ll get uncomfortable and stop talking.

12. Introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend as your brother/sister at social gatherings and watch others freak out when you two kiss.

13. When someone is speaking to you, watch them intently before you stop them in the middle of their sentence, saying ‘Have you been sleepwalking?’

14. Look over people’s shoulders while they are unlocking their phone to see their code. Afterwards, use it in a sentence very loudly.

15. When someone tries to merge into your lane, don’t let them over before they turn their blinkers on.

Have you tried some of these? What are your ways of messing with people?

Please share your ideas with us.