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15 Subtle Ways To Mess With People That Everyone Should Try Once

how to mess with people

How to mess with someone? What’s your way of messing with people?

Maybe you hold grudges against someone and they pissed you off and you feel heartbroken and distressed and you want to cause retribution and to revenge on them. 

In general, you shouldn’t inflict harm on anyone because of civilized reasons, and morality and because you can end up in prison for doing so. But, there are many ways to mess with people legally, prank someone and play it cool. But, be careful as harassment as insults and using different intimidation methods are illegal. 

Let’s see how can mess with other people’s lives legally and not get caught by the authorities: 

How To Drive Someone Nuts In A Hilarious Way? 

Read these 15 hilarious tips on how to effectively and subtly drive them nuts:

1. Instead of looking at people at their faces, when you are talking to them – look at them at their ears.

2. Ask your coworker if they have ever got a creepy “deja-vu feeling.” Then, a week later, ask them again.

3. When you are smoking a cigarette at a pub, and someone asks you if they may have one – tell them you don’t smoke. 

4. Hold the door open for some stranger who is at an awkwardly great distance away.

5. When someone is standing uncomfortably close to you while you two are talking, take small steps backward and see how far you can get them to walk across the room.

6. Start slowly increasing the mouse sensitivity on your siblings’ computers. Then, after 2 weeks, put them back to normal and pretend yours is slow too. Watch if they would figure it out.

7. During a conversation, occasionally say ‘no pun intended’ after you say something serious and normal. And then watch how they smile awkwardly because they don’t want to look stupid while trying to figure out in their heads what the pun was intended for.

8. Rotate your friend’s TV a little to the right every time you visit them.

9. When you meet someone for the first time, say ‘Nice meeting you again.’ Some may go along with it because they don’t want to seem like they don’t remember you; and you may hear some say something like ‘Yeah, nice seeing you. Wait! What?!”

10. Put random things on the table when your friend visits you and watch them get engaged playing with them while silently thinking: ‘Dance monkey, dance!”

11. When someone you know is gossiping or being racist or sexist, pretend like you don’t understand them and keep asking them again and again what they mean. Eventually, they’ll get uncomfortable and stop talking.

12. Introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend as your brother/sister at social gatherings and watch others freak out when you two kiss.

13. When someone is speaking to you, watch them intently before you stop them in the middle of their sentence, saying ‘Have you been sleepwalking?’

14. Look over people’s shoulders while they are unlocking their phones to see their code. Afterward, use it in a sentence very loudly.

15. When someone tries to merge into your lane, don’t let them over before they turn their blinkers on.

 7 Ways To Mess With People Anonymously

A friend, ex-lover, or sociopath boss humiliated you or hurt you and broke your heart in a horrible way? You are trying to find a way to use some practical mischievous jokes to revenge him without getting caught. Here is how:

1. Make an anonymous appointment

You can order a pizza for them, book air conditioning service, or maybe a plumber will come to their address on the same day and maybe even at the same time if they did not order them. You can watch anonymously how these people cannot handle this situation and get paid for their malicious acts.

2. Bombard them with junk emails and strange letters

Put your victim’s name on an advertising service to get bombarded every day with junk emails and with potentially embarrassing products and services like hair loss treatments, or send an envelope to their address filled with stinky cheese or a dead fish.

3. Fill their donuts with old mayonnaise

Secretly, open their donuts and fill them with old mayonnaise and replace the delicious cream everyone loves and enjoys the taste of. This taste will haunt them every time they would like to taste a donut or something sweet.

You can use the same trick for other types of food that are filled with cream like strudels, cannoli, etc.

4. Get them a rude awakening

If you know the victim’s telephone number, plug it into the telephone wake-up service and choose a time to wake them in the middle of the night. 

Then imagine their frustrated face when they are woken from their peaceful sleep. You can even schedule this torturing several times during the same night so the victim cannot get a nice sleep all night long.

5. Cancel your victim’s restaurant reservation

Maybe you know or you have heard that your victim reserved dinner at a restaurant for the night. You can call and cancel the reservation if it is a simple prank and probably one of the safest but still effective!

6. Tell their secrets and spread anonymous rumors

If the victim has been your friend and has done something wrong, you can start ruining their life by spreading their secrets around using social media or to other people who are just not their friends. Maybe you can start spreading some nasty rumors to make their life miserable.

7. Make a humiliating meme

You can create a humiliating meme from them where they look ugly and embarrass them online. Turn the VPN on when sending the meme online so they cannot track you.

How To Mess With Someone Legally? 

If someone hurts you and you feel you want an act of revenge, it is always the best idea to make it legal to live your life peacefully and not get the legal authorities involved. 

However, forgiving is always the best option you have in life. 

If you choose to make someone feel miserable legally and get revenge on them, here is how: 

1. Report the person to the police 

Maybe the best way to make someone miserable is to lock him in prison, so the best way to do that is to report them to the authorities and not confront them violently yourself.  This is a case where they committed a crime. You can even use your mobile phone to record their confession, but be sure they do not find it out because they will not reveal their action. 

2. Put malware in their system 

If you are tech-savvy or you know someone who is, you can make someone miserable by infecting their computer with a virus and deleting all their important documents. 

3. Embarrass them at work

You can go to their workplace and pretend you know them personally and say to anyone how horrible that person is and that they are wrong for hiring them and try to draw everyone’s attention by speaking loud and revealing some of their secrets about how badly he treats their family and kids. 

4. Freak them out

You can send them something nice like flowers, but put something creepy inside like a big spider or some insects the victims are scared of.

5 Pranks To Use And Mess With Someone While Sleeping

Do you like pranking people while they sleep and you invited someone a friend for a sleepover? We have interesting prank ideas that you can use just for fun and are probably OK because they can not cause any harm and cause them trouble.

1. Draw them a fake mustache

This is a classic prank that you can use while your friend is asleep. Use some make-up, flush his face, draw him some fake mustache, but be careful with the eyes. When he wakes up, he might be a little bit annoyed, but is not a big deal!

2. Play some weird music

While they are asleep, you can play some weird music slowly from Youtube, like cats meowing, which can make them have weird dreams.

3. Dress up like a ghost

While your friends are asleep, dress as a ghost and put on some scary effects, and make scary noises. It might be really scary, but it is a fun prank which your friend will remember for sure!

4. Change the time on the clocks

You can move the time forward on your clocks, and when your friend wakes up, they will think it is very late, and they need to rush somewhere. Still, do not use this prank if they have something important to do that day!

5. Rearrange the room where they sleep

Make a complete makeover of the bedroom while your friend is sleeping, so it would be a complete surprise when he wakes up.

What People Do When They Try To Mess With Your Head

When someone is messing with your head, it means that they attempt to make you feel frustrated, confused, or anxious and usually play with your emotions.

They play games with you and try to manipulate you emotionally. Here are some signs that you are manipulated emotionally and you might feel desperate and fearful.

1. They make contradictive statements

Manipulators say something, and if that doesn’t work, they will choose another statement that completely contradicts the previous one and they might even say that they did not say that. And sometimes it works, and this is their superpower they can use to manipulate you.

2. They make you feel insecure

They cannot stand you being strong and confident and would do anything to make you feel fearful and insecure in yourself.

They will start criticizing you and would pretend that it is just them and that they are important so you can feel empty and hollow. The only way to show love is for you to follow their rules and way.

3. They turn things around

They will try to twist things and turn everything that you say around. This makes you feel bad, and you will, in the end, wonder what has happened and you will even start apologizing for a thing you haven’t done.

4. They use your weaknesses against you

They use all things you have said you fear and plot their next move with arguments you fear most to manipulate you directly in conversations and in real-life situations.

5. They do not speak directly to your face

Manipulators usually say things sideways and won’t tell things in the face. They can use other people to make backdoor comments or just comment something passively-aggressively.

6. They constantly seek new admirers

They seek drama all the time to satisfy their ego and constantly try to find new admirers, so if you are in a relationship with them to cheat you.

6 Ways To Stop Giving People Power Over You And Do Not Mess With Your Emotions

If someone tries to mess with your feelings and gain control over you, sometimes it can be subtle and you will do anything to please them without feeling any bad impact on your life. Sometimes it can be dramatic.

Either way, we offer you 10 tips to help you in stopping other people from gaining control over you:

1. Do not take responsibility for other people’s emotions

You should be aware of how your acts impact other people’s emotions, but you cannot control how they feel. It is their choice and, in the end, you cannot make everyone happy.

2. Do not follow the crowd

You can choose to live according to your own values and care less about following the crowd. You can always spend your own free time on things you love like enjoying your hobbies, practicing your faith, working overtime, considering the things you like and matter to you, and being confident, do not take into consideration other people’s opinions.

3. Choose to use your time on positive things

Stop complaining and criticizing people you do not like and redirect your thoughts to positive and worthwhile things. When you speak about someone, they actually occupy your free time and you waste unnecessary energy on them.

4. Do not focus on people who turn you down

When you think about some negative or rude comments someone has said or any dreadful interactions you already had, try to refocus your thoughts on a completely different subject and do not get over all again because it will drain you and take up more of your brain power.

5. Do not depend yourself on other people’s opinions

If you depend on other people’s opinions, and you need their affirmation to tell you how good you are, it means that they have power over you.

Make things that will improve your self–confidence and make you feel good as a person by volunteering and helping others.

6. Set healthy boundaries

It is very important to know how to say no to friends and family members who are always there to take your time, money, or space and speak up if people violate your boundaries.

Have you tried some of these? What are your ways of messing with people?

Please share your ideas with us.