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15 Things I Need From My Future Husband (But I’m Embarrassed To Tell)


My future husband–my love, my soul, my hope, my all. The person to whom I’m going to say “I do.” The person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

Is there a girl out there who has never imagined what her future husband would look like? Or what she would like to tell him? Maybe it sounds childish, but we, women, have all been there.

I’ve been single for a while and this along with my past relationships have given me a better insight into my values and desires.  The list of things I need from my future husband might be longish, but realistic nevertheless. 

Yet, they’re all based on the same wish. I want him to love me unconditionally; to respect and accept me for who I am; to be my true friend; to prove to me that I was right choosing him.

Here are the 15 things I need from my future husband.

I need you …

1. To keep the passion alive.

I need you to keep the flame of passion burning long after we’re married. I need to feel desired and irresistible. I need to know that you’ll never lose interest in or grow distant from me.

2. To respect my family and friends.

If you respect me, you’ll respect the people who I hold dear. Even when you don’t agree with them about something, I need you to show understanding and respect for their opinions and never criticize or make them feel unworthy on purpose.

3. To accept my flaws.

Nobody is perfect, neither am I. I can be cheerful one moment and become grumpy the next. Or I can ramble on and on about something when I’m nervous. I hate and often make unnecessary drama when I see clothes scattered all over the place. I need you to understand that this is beyond my control and I need to know that you won’t lose your temper or make me feel bad when you see me in these situations.

4. To understand that I need space.

It’s not that I’m having hidden intentions in my mind or that I’m planning to just disappear for a week or two. I just need to have space to think things through, reconsider my decisions, make plans, hang out with my family and friends, or just relax. I don’t want to feel like I’m living in a cage and suffocating.

5. To understand me when I get emotional.

I’m strong and pretty good at handling strong emotions. Yet, sometimes I get emotional and I can’t help but start crying. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable or ashamed if I start crying at a movie in front of you. Or if my voice starts trembling and I have tears in my eyes when we talk about something that moves me.

6. To do the little things which make me happy.

If it’s watching a movie, listening to music, spending time with my family, shopping, or walking in nature together, I need to know that you’ll show interest in the things that matter to me.

I know that there will be times when you’re busy, tired, or simply not in the mood. But, I need to know that you’ll always make time for me and will never make me feel neglected.

7. To keep your promises.

When you give me a promise to take me somewhere, I need you to keep it. If you make a mistake and promise you’ll never repeat it, I need you to fulfill it. I really wouldn’t like to spend the rest of my life with someone who makes all kinds of big promises but has little intention of keeping.

8. To make me feel beautiful.

I need to know that I’m beautiful to you even when I’m having a bad hair day or I’m not wearing any make-up. It’s not only your compliments that I want to hear, but I also need to know that I’m beautiful to you just the way I am.

9. To be adept at balancing our incomes and expenses.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve saved money for a rainy day. I also spend money wisely and I expect that you’ll do the same. In marriage, you share everything with your partner, including the costs. And if you’re planning to spend money on something very expensive, I’ll be more than grateful if you consult me about that first.

10. To plan our date nights.

Just because we’ll be married, it doesn’t mean we have to spend every night at home. Going to a restaurant or to the cinema, hanging out with our friends, or just walking in town will make our life together more interesting.

11. To be romantic.

Sending me flowers, leaving cute love notes on my bed, organizing romantic dinners for my birthday, telling me I look beautiful and that you love me are things that don’t require too much of an effort but they’ll undoubtedly keep the spark between us alive.

12. To carefully listen to me.

I need you to not only be physically present when I’m talking to you but to pay attention to my words. I need to know that you care about my opinions and how I feel. I need to know that my words have a meaning for you.

13. To be there for me when times get rough.

When I’m down in the dumps or my heart gets broken, I need to know that I can always count on you for your help and support. I need to be sure that you’ll never leave me to deal with my problems on my own.

14. To speak your mind.

I don’t need you to say yes to everything I say or suggest. I need you to tell me whatever is in your mind. Even if it’s something that’s unpleasant or could hurt my feelings, or you disagree with me about something, I’ll always prefer to know the truth and how you feel about certain things.

15. To make me feel loved.

I need to feel like I’m the most loved, respected, and admired person in the world. I need you to love me with all your heart. I need you to devote every single part of yourself to me.