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15 Things People Don’t Notice You Are Doing Because You Have Self-Respect Now


Self-respect means giving and defining your own worth and values. It begins with self-accepting, taking pride in your own work and being confident of who you are no matter what anyone says.

Just think for a second. If you don’t respect yourself, it’s way more difficult to respect anyone else. When we truly learn to accept all our flaws and failures, we can eventually come to terms with the things beyond our control. That’s when we know we grabbed life by the horns.

Here are 15 things you start practicing without people realizing it when you regain self-respect:

1. Letting go of the past. Regardless of what happened at a certain point in your life, you’ve grown and learned that what’s done is done, the only thing we’re certain of is the PRESENT moment. Make it count!

2. Placing yourself on top of the list. Some might consider it selfish, but at the end of the day, it’s your wellbeing we’re talking about. If you don’t care for yourself, who will? Self-care and self-love are the number one priority before everything else.

3. Disappearing on people you don’t own explanation to. Or better known as ghosting. Yes, one of the most mature things to do is having that painful and awkward conversation about leaving them. But, there are times when it seems like you did all you could, and deep inside you know that the other person doesn’t deserve anything more than just plain abandonment.

4. Not owing justification to anyone about anything. Your choice is your right. No more explanation for why you left someone, who are you dating, why you aren’t talking. You don’t owe anything to anyone. Your life is your decision. Remember that!

5. Going home when you want to go home. Doing something when you feel like it. Saying NO, when your answer is NO. Not going out when you don’t feel like going out. No longer feeling the silly need to make unnecessary excuses for a “No thanks, I’m just chilling tonight by myself.” Who would have thought it’s that simple when you put it like that?

6. Not accepting anyone’s meaningless apologies if they’re not followed by some activity that justifies their statement.

7. Avoiding the people you dislike. No longer engaging with negative people who poison your world. You are well aware of whom you give your energy and time. Being polite sometimes has its limits. It should never get to the point where you end up hurt while trying to please someone.

8. Not blaming others for the way you feel. Happiness is solely based on our own actions and comes from within. You learned that in order to nurture a healthy relationship with a person, one must first practice self-acceptance and achieve wholeness.

9. Being unreservedly creative and not caring what others think of it. You left the fear of being judged by others and gave yourself the freedom to express your creativity in every way your soul and mind requires.

10. No longer trying to convince people to like you. You stopped faking it all together. You don’t need the validation anymore. You know who you are and, most importantly, you know who you’ve become. You’ve learned that peace of mind comes from only loving and accepting yourself no matter what someone might think of you. And somewhere down the line you actually fell in love with the fact that you don’t need to be liked by everyone.

11. Taking absolute responsibility for your life. No more idle sitting by while your life and opportunities pass you for good. You are aware that laziness and unwillingness are only holding you back, so you decide to take the matter into your hands. The only key to success is action!

12. Being your true unique self. The most important rule on the list is always being true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to cut something off as long as it interferes with your values. Stand your ground and don’t let people make you something you aren’t.

13. Not working a job you hate. You should never accept a job that will make you feel miserable. Something much more appealing will definitely cross your path. Embrace and upgrade your abilities and find something that you are good at. When you work the thing you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

14. No more people-pleasing. No more crossing the line in order to make others feel happy on your account. You learned to respect yourself and your needs. If they don’t accept you then they don’t deserve to be a part of you.

15. You embraced a positive outlook on life. It was the hard way, but you figured you need a positive attitude to go through life. Despite all the negativity spreading everywhere like a grey cloud storm, there will always be light. You just have to be patient enough to perceive it.