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15 Things To Thank Your Best Friend For


I can proudly say that I have amazing friends. We are different but in a weird way we are also alike. No matter if our friendship is old or new, all my close friends do wonderful things for me that I sometimes forget to thank them for.

So, this is for all my friends who I didn’t thank them enough.

1. Thank You For Making Sure I Get Home Safe

Because anytime we go out I feel safe. No matter how much we drink, we are there for each other. And I know that I’ll always get home safe because you care enough to not let me out on my own when there is too much alcohol in my blood.

2. Thank You For Being Always There For Me & Not Just When It Is Convenient For You

I know that if I call you at 3 am and tell you that I need you, you will undoubtedly come running to me. I know that we all have our separate lives and problems, but knowing that you have someone at your side who you can always count on is the most comforting feeling in the world.

3. Thank You For Telling Me Honestly When I Look Like Sh*t

I love that I can always count on your honest opinion about everything. You know me so well, and you know what suits me best and what not. You are the first one to tell me when my hair looks awful, and thank you for that.  

4. Thank You For Wiping My Tears

The truth is life gets hard sometimes. But it is a lot harder when I don’t have you by my side to tell me that everything will be okay. Thank you for all those time you were with me even when you didn’t know what to say – wiping my tears was enough. Because even without words we understand each other.

5. Thank You For Inspiring Me To Come Out Of My Shell

I know that I can be a bitch sometimes and ignore you because I can’t seem to convince myself to leave the house. Thank you for your tolerance and persistence to get me out of my shell and into the world.

6. Thank You For Not Allowing Me To Drunk Text/Call

Thank you for all the times you took my phone and didn’t let me to drunk text somebody. You have saved me from a lot of embarrassment. I also thank you for not letting me call my mother and worry her even more.

7. Thank You For All The Stomach Aches From Laughing

Because when I am with you, the laughter is inevitable, and it literally causes me physical pain. With you, I can laugh about anything.

8. Thank You For Making A Great Deal Out Of My Birthday

The more we grow older, the less excited we get. But with you – I actually feel like my birthday matters. You make me feel like a star the whole week of my birthday and I love you for that.  

9. Thank You For Keeping Tampons In Your Bag Because You Know How Forgetful I Can Be

You know how irresponsible I can be when it comes to these things. And it helps that we are synced, so I know I can count on you to help me out with tampons when I forget to bring them with me.

10. Thank You For All Our Drunk Karaoke Shows At 3 am

Because we both know that there isn’t anything better than getting back from a night in town and keep partying the way we know – singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Besides, who wouldn’t like a 3 am karaoke show?

11. Thank You For Sensing When Something Is Wrong

You always know when I don’t feel like talking and all I want to do is be alone. Thank you for asking me times and times again what’s wrong with me until I tell you. Also, thank you for never leaving my side until we solve every issue.  

12. Thank You For Liking The Same TV Shows As Me

Because what would a Bachelor/ette wine night look like without you? Or who would be crazy enough to re-watch all 236 episodes of Friends if it weren’t for you?  

13. Thank You For Reminding Me I Have An Important Meeting

Thank you and I love you for all the times you told me to shower because I had to be in a meeting in an hour.

14. Thank You For Sharing My Happiness When Something Good Happens In My Life

You are happy for me and ready to celebrate my every success. Envy and jealousy are things that can’t be attributed to you. You know how hard I worked for something, and my success makes you even more excited and happy than me.


Never change who you are. I love you.