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16 Women Express Their Beauty By Body Modification


The term Body modification, which is also known as body alternation, has odd and frightening implications for people who have no personal interest or experience in the subject, and it may be way too easy to judge as well as malign all those who are participants and practitioners.

As a matter of fact, when one is willfully modifying one’s own body, it means to take part in a culture or tradition which spans class, race and human history. 

Body modification, in reality, means deliberate altering of the human anatomy or the human physical appearance.

This term covers all types of body modding such as piercing and tattoos all the way to surgical augmentations such as implants and injections. Photographer Roger Kisby has recently captured a couple of many women who eagerly sport their dauntless and downright outstanding body modifications.

Kisby has simply happened to be walking down Las Vegas streets on June 7 when he tripped upon the Association of Professional Pierces Conference and Exposition.

As Kisby told HuffPost, he just roved around the convention to ask people if he could take their photographs.

He also added that people had been very open to getting their pictures taken and that many of them who Kisby spoke to have worked in their body modification field at different tattoo and piercing parlors.

Kisby always liked when people were not afraid to be who they were, he said. He added that he found nice and heartwarming to be able to see how people gathered to celebrate themselves together, especially when all of them individually had to deal with prejudices in the real world.

What Kisby tried to do was to highlight an all embracing range of people who have piercing, tattoos and other types of body modification in order to point out that there was no one type or style of a person at the conference.

He said that he wanted to make certain that he could have shown each and every person in their own genuine way.

The following images of the women show their lovely, vivid and creative types of body modification:

Stephanie Von Hutter Thomas,  adorned with tattoos all over her hands and head, is part from the International Suspension Alliance (ISA)

April Thomas, Born This Way Body Arts
(April Thomas represents Elegance and Beauty; Born This Way Body Arts)

Frances – Hellmouth Apparel

Alicia Cardenas – Soltribe

Aubrey Deibler – Chronic Tattoo and Body Piercing

Jocelyn-Elemental Body Adornment

Elayne Angel – The Piercing Bible

Noel Spring – Bicycle Tattoo and Piercing

Aneta Von Cyborg – Von Cyborg Body Art

Lysa Taylor – Maya Jewelry

Ana Paula – Quetzalli Jewelry

Jessica – Evolve Body Jewelry

Rita Haxx – Bishop Organics

Fukin Kate – Safe Products

Miss Cale – Leroi, Inc

Brooke – Delicious Ink Tattoo