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17 Things Others Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Introvert


Being an introvert is something not many are able to understand. And this inability to truly grasp the world of the introverts is what makes them create different misconceptions and judgments based on your behavior.

If you are an introvert, you will agree that most people simply cannot understand your reality and while it does take some effort to explain it properly, your introverted state does not urge you to do that, so they stick to the reality they have learned to perceive about you.

Here are 17 things you tend to do because you are an introvert that others tend to misinterpret:

1. You decline invitations to parties or events because you need to recharge

This habit is not something others will understand. They will most probably see you as anti-social and it will make them think whether you really like them.

However, your reality is different. It has nothing to do with them, actually. You just need to recharge your batteries because you have had enough of social interactions for one day, and you would rather stay home and watch movies, read books, or just relax.

2. When at parties or get-togethers, you check your phone to avoid conversations

Yes, you get into conversations, but then you need some alone time, even if that means that you will isolate yourself in the middle of a crowd. One way is to check your phone and do whatever just to avoid talking for some time.

3. You tend to hang out in the bathroom longer than needed for some peace and quiet

Whether it is parties, or at work, if you need some quiet, you will spend more time than you really need in the bathroom, because it is the quietest place there.

4. You literally freeze when someone asks you to tell them about yourself

You hate that question – it is out of the blue, and you have to shoot straight away. So, because you have no time to articulate your deeper thoughts, you mumble some generic sentences, and it ends up the wrong way.

5. When at parties, you end up talking to just one person the whole night

That is, the person who you feel most comfortable around. And you usually speak about deeper topics, not some shallow ones.

6. You easily get tired of being around a lot of people, so you leave early

Crowds are literally not your thing. You sometimes get so tired of being around people that you just want to go home and be with yourself. It is not that you are actually going to bed, but you would like some rest and alone time, doing whatever you find interesting – alone.

7. You often have ‘things to do’ when someone calls you over to hang out

It is not that you do not like your friends, but your plans for the night are already arranged. You just want to stay home and watch movies, chill, read something, do nothing – everything which does not involve other people.

8. You sometimes like staring out the window, daydreaming, and not being bothered by anything

You just want to shut yourself off from the world, not to be bothered by anything.

9. You have trouble articulating your feelings or thoughts, even when everything makes so much sense in your head

And then you get stuck between your thoughts and your tongue, while those around you are looking at you and waiting for you to spit it out. It often feels like they are pulling teeth out of your mouth.

10. When you speak your mind, others tend to get offended

It is because you skip the whole small talk that is supposed to warm them up, so they find your words as really blunt. But you are aware that no matter how you put it, it is the truth.

11. You are terrible at making small talk, because you really hate it

Small talk is not your thing at all. So, you get straight to the point before others had the time to wrap their heads around the idea. Do not be surprised if they get confused and ask where that came from.

12. You sometimes drift away in your thoughts instead of paying attention

Be it in class, at work, or with your friends, you sometimes dive deep into your thoughts and you stop paying attention to whatever is going on outside. Instead, you start thinking about the universe, the fate of humanity, or time travel – really whatever deep topic is occupying your mind.

13. You prefer working alone to working in a group

Working with others in a team is a draining experience for you. That is why you will often try to get a job done by yourself, even if it means working more that way.

14. You like to keep your birthday celebrations as low-key as possible

Birthdays are a personal and private thing, and you want to celebrate them with your closest of friends. There is nothing strange in celebrating your birthday with two friends, somewhere in a nice and quiet restaurant.

15. Instead of calling back, you send text messages

Even if someone told you to call them back, you will most probably text them instead. It is because you have more space to articulate the right words and stick to the point easily.

16. You like wearing your headphones to avoid talking to people

Be it on the bus, or in the taxi, you prefer not talking to others. And the best way to do that is to put on your headphones. If you cannot hear them, you do not have to reply.

17. You sometimes get so burnt out, that you just want to eliminate all sounds

Sometimes, noises, talking, music, or other activities that involve people burn you out so much that when you get alone you turn off every sound source and enjoy the silence, at least for a few minutes.

The world of the introvert is a world of its own that many cannot understand. And it is a tough job for an introvert to go out in the open and do shallow socialization because ‘that is what people do.’

If you are an introvert, we are sure that you will agree with this!