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2 Months Later, This Toddler Is Still Napping With His Puppy..


Beau is the kid who loves to take naps with his dog Theo. These adorable pictures will warm your heart and make you fall in love with both of them. They’ve been together from when beau was a little baby and they are basically growing bigger and bigger day by day.

Beau, the toddler and his dog love catching some shut-eye together. When did all this begin? It all started last Christmas. Jack and Zoe, the two older siblings asked Santa Claus in New Yok to give them a puppy that year.

However, there was one problem. Their NY apartment didn’t allow keeping a dog. Then, they decided to move out of the city so that they could have a dog. The next thing they did was visiting shelters to look for the perfect pup.

Finally, after a few weeks of searching, they fell in love with one puppy and named him Theo. Theo was loved by all of the members of the family. He got attention from the first day he arrived in their home. Shortly after they adopted him, he joined Beau’s daily naps.

That’s how the story began. One day, his mother took a picture and then we all fell in love with these pictures. Shyba now has 300,000 followers in her Instagram profile and these pictures warm our hearts.

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