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20 Life-Changing Guidelines From The Native American Code Of Ethics


The native Americans were a proud and wise people and they truly lived in accordance and in perfect symbiosis with the natural world.

Their code of ethics consists of 20 rules to live by, and unlike other codes, this one speaks of personal freedom, respect, love, and coexistence in the highest form.

Here are the rules of the Native American code of ethics:

Directing your most sincere thoughts outward in a form of prayer returns to you in a pure form. Never underestimate the blessings you receive.

We are not here to judge – we are here to help each other. The least we can do is pray for those who are lost.

What you may perceive as a wrong move is, in fact, the best move if you decide it for yourself. Being true to yourself is more important than being always right.

Only the things you work for, strive to achieve and earn, only those things belong to you. The rest is not yours for the taking.

Being respectful of all things around you is a trait that will only lead you to a better life.

If you do not agree with somebody, it does not mean that your opinion is the most valid. Every person sees the world through their own eyes, and you should be mindful of that.

What goes around comes around. It also goes for good deeds. So, speak nicely of others or do not speak at all.

It is human to err, and it is divine to forgive. And who has not made a mistake in their life?

Obsessing your mind with the negative without considering the positive side of things will only lead you to fear your perception of the world (and that is your world).

It is because of nature that we are here, and we are a part of it as much as it is a part of us.

You are responsible for the future you will nurture in your children, and that makes you responsible for the future of our world.

It is easy to hurt someone, but the poison you have given them will seep into your skin and you will eventually end up worse than you left them.

It is much harder to lie than to be honest. Yet, people go through all the pain of inventing another truth when the one present is better anyway. Being honest means being true to yourself – and that is the most important thing.

These are all vital aspects of your being, and nurturing them will help you to grow and become better than you could ever imagine.

We should all take responsibility for our actions. No excuse is good enough. If you have done something wrong, take responsibility and set it right.

Another person’s privacy is their kingdom. Do not invade people’s privacy and do not mess with what they find sacred.

You need to be happy to make others happy, you need to be healthy to help others get healthy. If you disregard your needs and thoughts, you disregard yourself.

The religions of people are all to respected, bearing in mind that every religion speaks of love at its core. You should never think that your religion is better than the rest. It is one of the many that speak the same truth but in other words. 

You have been blessed with a fortune that not everybody has the luck to see it in their lives. Spread that fortune, and the Universe will reward you with more that you can share further.


Source: Native Village