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20 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate


Finding your soulmate in a sea of people is not an easy job. Indeed, many people spend their lives trying to get their romantic life going, with little to no success.

However, you will know that you have found your soulmate if you enjoy the most trivial and unromantic things with them. Here are 20 signs you have found your soulmate:

1.You know you both look nice when you are dressed up. But you also know that you look even nicer when you are chilling around the house dressed in your favorite sweatpants and old t-shirts.

2. You know that you are always cute to your sweetheart… even when you eat whatever you can think of first.

3. And you are also cute when you are fast asleep and drooling over the pillow, your partner won’t argue against that (and they know that you see them cute like that also.)

4. Who said that grocery shopping, doing your taxes, or running to the pharmacy are boring? Do the with the right person, and everything is a blast!

5. Classy restaurants can be a real boredom compared to how fun eating a takeout on the couch can be with the right person.

6. And expensive gifts are worthless compared to those small handwritten notes that seem to pop randomly in your pockets, on the table, or any other place around the house.

7. Your bodily functions are something you don’t mind talking and laughing about. Who farted?

8. You have made up your own unique lexicon that consists of non-existent words, sounds with meaning only you two understand, and any other form of grunts and squeaks.

9. Your ‘terms of endearment’ are also based on a reference that only you two understand. And they aren’t the most romantic ‘terms,’ really, are they? They are romantic for you though!

10. You communicate with goofy faces across a loud room, you have your own inside jokes, and you sneakily send each other messages with signals that others can’t even perceive.

11. Weddings are a place to get emotional and moved… well not for you, really. You like to get drunk there and act like goofballs together.

12. You know so much about each other, that you have no problem speaking on one another’s behalf.

13. No illness can gross you out when you want to make your sweetheart feel better. You are ready to blow their nose for them!

14. You have no problem to tell each other when you’re annoying as hell, and you laugh about it once you mention it.

15. You have a binge-watching ritual which you will never betray by watching the next episode alone.

16. You enjoy hanging out with them even when there is nothing to talk about and you’re only sitting there in silence.

17. In fact, it is one of your favorite activities to just sit around without the need for small talk to fill that silence.

18. They come over with your favorite snack instead of flowers, and you wouldn’t change that for the world!

19. They are the first to make you laugh when you shouldn’t, especially if it’s an extremely inappropriate situation.

20. You’d rather spend a super lame day next to them than go to some over-the-top date with somebody else.