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11 Things 20-Year-Olds Who Look 12 Are Tired Of Hearing


I still remember every time someone was wrong about my age and told me I look way younger than I actually am. This was still acceptable when I was in high school since I thought that the difference is not so big, you know?

However, now that I’m 21, it’s definitely not okay to hear that you look 12. It’s not funny to be questioned about your ID card and not be allowed in a club because of your appearance.

And it doesn’t stop there. I’ve even had situations when I haven’t been taken seriously at my job.

I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve been reached by people who can relate and have felt the same way. This makes me wonder about the real issue underneath. Is it so difficult to be a little open-minded and realize that all people don’t have to look the same in order to “classify as adults”?

I guess, many people also don’t realize they might hurt someone’s feelings when they do this. In order to fight this issue, I think it’s important to speak about it.

So, I’ve written down 11 things that people like me are really tired of hearing. These are truths that all people who look younger than their age can relate to.

  1. Since when did they start letting children work here?

I consider this rude even if I was a child working there. The fact that I’m not only makes it worse.

  1. So, how’s school these days?

The conversation usually starts like this. Then, when I tell them I’m a college student, there is that face – always! The face of awkward surprise. At the end, I always end up smiling, not knowing what to say or how to react.

  1. At every supermarket – Did you come here with your parents, because I don’t see them?

I don’t even need to buy alcohol for this thing to happen. No, no. Sometimes, an old lady would ask about my parents just to make sure that I’m not kidnapped or something.

  1. At the restaurant – Honey, what can I get you?

“Honey”, “sweetie”, “cutie” – I’ve heard all of them. Whenever the server asks me about my order using one of these, I take an immediate decision not to come at that place anymore.

  1. At my birthday – So, you are a teenager now, ha?

No, I don’t think 21-year-olds are teenagers, but if you say so.

  1. Makeup makes you look so much older.

I’m not sure how to take this. Is it a compliment or…?

  1. OMG, you don’t look like you’re 21! You look like a 12-year-old.

Let’s face it, people. 12-year-olds are children and probably many people don’t even remember how they have looked like on this age. Have you seen a 12-year-old lately? Also, can you be more impolite?

  1. Shorter people usually look younger

Is there any need to explain how offensive this is? Should I be offended as a short person or as a young-looking person?

  1. I prefer girls who are my age or older

As a girl, I get this pretty often. Usually, when I try flirting, the guy is actually my age, but never mind.

  1. This movie is 18+. Can I see your ID, please?

I don’t know which is worse – being asked for your ID in the club or at the movies. In both cases, I’m tired of hearing it.

  1. Lucky you. You will be so thankful when you will be in your 40’s.

I get this a lot, believe it or not. Let’s hope it will be true, at least.