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20,000-Year-Old Sumerian Tablets Tell an Intriguing Story for the True Reason of Our Existence on Earth


If you thought that the Genesis was in any way unique in its story of our creation and existence, the ancient texts from different cultures will tell you that they’ve been saying that for a very long time before that.

In fact, not only do many ancient texts speak of a very similar ‘historical’ account, but they seem to give greater detail and add some very intriguing information to the whole story.

One such story is that of the 20,000-year-old Sumerian tablets that took archaeologist and author Zecharia Sitchin 20 years to translate. What he found changed his whole life.

Zecharia started translating the tablets 50 years ago, when there were no other Sumerian translators and the complexity of the tablets itself was very challenging.

The tablets had been written in a longer period of time, and they followed the linguistic changes in the ancient Sumerian language.

However, after 20 years of hard work, Zecharia finally came out with a translation of what he claims to be an autobiography of an extraterrestrial from a planet called Nibiru.

The extraterrestrial’s name was Enki. What is very interesting, the story of Enki’s autobiography starts a very long time before the emergence of Homo Sapiens, or us, as a species.

It starts with Enki’s account of the arrival on Earth along with 20 other astronauts and his wife in search of a material that would allow for life to perpetuate on their planet: gold.

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The tablets say that their planet’s atmosphere needed gold dust in order to reflect the ultraviolet radiation, which was making life on Nibiru very difficult.

While first trying to excavate the precious material from the Earth, the Sumerian (what would be later called) gods could not endure the physical toils.

That’s when Enki got the idea to create ‘servants’ by mixing their DNA with the already existing hominids on Earth.

The mission to create the sentient human beings that we are today was given to Ninhursag, Enki’s wife. According to the tablets, she was a doctor and a scientist and she knew how to achieve the genetic modification of the hominids for them to become Homo Sapiens.

How does this connect to everything else?

There are many theories that humans were indeed created through intervention, besides the evolutionary path that has already been proven. While some call it ‘divine intervention’, others believe that this ‘intervention’ was extraterrestrial.

Zacharia Sitchin believes that these tablets tell a lot that has been left unexplained about the history of the world and our solar system.

He believes that the missing link could very much be the result of an intervention of the Anunaki, or the extraterrestrials from Nibiru.

Sitchin claims that planet Nibiru is the 10th planet in our solar system (beyond Pluto), with a rotational cycle of 10,000 years.

He ascribes the great flood, which has been described in almost every religion in the world, to Nibiru’s gravitational pull when ‘it was once close to Earth’ and claims that Nibiru will return.

However, many historians oppose Sitchin’s idea of the existence of the Anunaki extraterrestrials and are suspicious of the accuracy of the translation of the tablets.

The reason behind their suspicion lies in the fact that the tablets have shown variations in the language on the way and that the same cannot be translated by simply following a general rule.

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