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2021 Guide to Various Spiritual Disciplines


Spiritual disciplines are practices, activities, and experiences that are intended to develop, expand, and reinforce particular spiritual traits — to strengthen one’s spiritual “muscles” and broaden one’s inner existence. They are aimed at integrating your spirit – conscious “I”, your subconsciousness, and “higher self”- with your body, and ultimately, with the universe.

If you are wondering if the spiritual disciplines are for you – the answer is simple. Yes. There are over a dozen of them, and everyone can choose the discipline that suits their needs and interests. Every person has a spiritual side as well, so those practices are even necessary. They are harmless, easy to learn, and even though they require dedication and attention, they are not burdensome or boring. Some of them are rooted in religious traditions (for example in Christianity or Buddhism), some of them are secular, and some of them are even part of the science, such as dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation

Briefly speaking, dream interpretation includes evaluation of the content of your dreams and ascribing meaning to it. Throughout human history, many symbols and archetypes have come to have a universally acknowledged and well-known meaning over time. On the other hand, with less popular symbols, the interpretation is more subjective. Some of them are highly personalized and have a special meaning that is important to you.

It is important to know that dream interpretation is not a pseudo-science. It is an important part of psychology and psychoanalysis, as it tells us a lot about our subconsciousness. According to Sigmund Freud, dreams represent our unfulfilled desires in life. Similarly, according to Carl Jung, dreams begin in our subconscious mind and play an important function in communicating with us. They have the power to heal us since comprehending and acting on these insights can help our “aware” personality to become unified with our subconsciousness. 

Learning how to interpret your dreams will lead you to learn more bout yourself. Start with small steps. This is not a rigid discipline and there are no strict rules that you need to follow. Many people do not remember their dreams, or they forget them quickly after they wake up. Hence, it is a good idea to start journaling. Keep the journal near your bed and when you wake up, try to write down as many details as you can remember. Take a note even if you did not dream anything or you do not remember it. Then, identify all the elements of your dreams – emotions, recurrences, relations with daily events, etc. As time goes by, you will start recognizing patterns and you will be able to remember, understand and interpret your dreams better.


Numerology is a concept of a spiritual or supernatural relation between a number and one or more occurrences. Moreover, it involves the analysis of the numerical value of letters in words, names, and concepts. We can even say that numerology is the study of numbers in one’s life. Numbers are all around us, and we can’t say that they do not impact our lives. Numerology simply gives them deeper meaning. The universe is sending hints to us – using the numbers as a medium.

The main tenet of numerology is that every number has its significance. For example, number 118 represents positive characteristics such as wealth, prosperity, and abundance. You can even break it down, and interpret it as the combination of “1” and “8”, where the significance of “1” is amplified. It represents entrepreneurship, ambition, new beginnings, thinking outside the box, while “8” stands for prosperity, fortune, and fate. 

Some numbers such as number 111 are so-called “angel numbers”. Angels are sending us messages in form of repetitive numbers because they stand out and can easily get our attention. That is why we need to pay attention to such numbers, slow down, reconsider our priorities, and think about the message angels (universe, higher force) have for us. You will realize that some numbers have an important meaning to you, and you will start noticing them even more.

Even if dedicate just 15 minutes every day to the spiritual discipline of your choice, you will soon start seeing the results. You will feel more connected not just to the world around you – but to your body and mind as well.