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21 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Are A Highly Sensitive Person


Being a highly sensitive person means that the intensity of your emotions is very high. Often you have your heart on your sleeve, and you find yourself easily overwhelmed, and at times it is hard for you to control your intense emotions.

You are more sensitive to certain situations, and you notice every single detail that other people don’t notice. Your high sensitivity is responsible for your vivid inner life, your creativity, and your kind and nurturing nature.

Even though your sensitive nature can be your greatest strength, sometimes you do things to protect yourself that other people who are not as sensitive as you cannot understand.

Below are 21 things that other people don’t realize you are doing because you are a highly sensitive person. These things are based on a research by Dr. Elaine N. Aron, the author of the book “The Highly Sensitive Person.”

1. You love routine. You find your comfort in doing things a certain way, and you don’t make exceptions. That is why you have a morning and a bedtime routine that you follow every day. You don’t like to change things since chaos and the unknown scare you.

2. You prefer silence over loud noise. That is why when you go out in a loud place, and you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of people you tend to shut down from time to time and tune off any external noise because your sensitive sensory system gets overwhelmed.

3. You become overly sensitive when you deal with a conflicting situation. When your partner, friend, or a coworker raises his voice, you become anxious. Moreover, when you feel a tension in your romantic relationship, your friendship, or with a family member, you have trouble sleeping and you may even start feeling physically unwell.

4. You are highly sensitive to pressure too. When you find in a situation where you have to follow a deadline, and you must finish a project at an expected time, you feel overly stressed, and all you can think about is that task that you need to complete.

5. When you have a busy day at work, and you are so exhausted that all you can do is to lay down in your quiet place at home and relax and not think about anyone or anything. You need your alone time to calm your highly active senses.

6. You often find yourself turning off the TV or covering your eyes with your hands when you see violence in a movie because you cannot stand watching the cruelty and the blood makes you sick. Likewise, you cannot watch a sad scene because your highly sensitive nature can make you burst into tears.

7. In school, when your teacher scolds another student, even though it hasn’t got anything to do with you, you become stressed and anxious too. It is because your highly sensitive nature cannot stand stressful situations.

8. When you fall in love, you fall in deep. It can be at times very overwhelming for you because even though the feeling is wonderful and exhilarating, it is still a significant change in your life that you are not accustomed to.

9. You tend to become scared easily due to your overly sensitive nature. When someone walks behind you quietly and you don’t notice them, you will jump off immediately when you see them because your nervous system is so sensitive that you get startled often.

10. Your highly sensitive nature is like a sponge that absorbs the energies and the moods from other people that you interact with. This can be very overwhelming for you, and that is why you find yourself often wanting to be alone. You distance yourself from everything because that way you can follow your feelings only.

11. You rarely drink coffee because caffeine has a very strong effect on you. Alcohol also has a heightened impact on you. This is because your highly sensitive nature emphasizes any effect that drinks or food have.

12. Highly sensitive people have a lower tolerance for pain. Therefore, when you are in pain, you are feeling it more intensely than others.

13. Being a highly sensitive person, you can get easily uncomfortable when you walk into a room that has something in it which makes you feel overwhelmed. You can tell immediately what it is that is causing you discomfort, be it fluorescent lighting, or a piece of furniture.

14. You need to distance yourself from anyone who wears a strong perfume because your smell sense is very sensitive to smells and any overpowering fragrance can make you dizzy and sick to your stomach.

15. You avoid entering stores that are full of people and noisy. It is an activity that can be too much overwhelming for your sensitive system.

16. Being a highly sensitive person, you can notice every little detail that may escape others. You can even spot a shift in the mood of a person and how they react to different topics and situations.

17. You have a vivid inner world that goes hand in hand with your increased sensitivity. Therefore, you tend to experience very real and intense dreams and nightmares. Similarly, your rich inner world makes you a very intuitive and creative person.

18. You are sensitive to loud music, and you find yourself constantly grabbing the remote to lower the volume to a point to which it sounds soothing.

19. For any highly sensitive person, the mere presence of another person watching them do something is overstimulating. That is why when you are at work, and your manager observes you, you tend to make mistakes and not do your best.

20. You have strong reactions to anything from your surroundings. Art, music, poetry are things that especially move you. When you see or read something beautiful, you put yourself in a trance state.

21. You seek a meaning in everything that is going on in your life, from the career path you chose to your friends and your romantic partner. You ask yourself the reason why you chose them and what meaning they bring into your life.