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21 Toxic Behaviors You Need To Eliminate In Order To Live Peacefully


Where you are in life is pretty much (if not completely) determined by your own course of actions. The energy you produce and release.  As a result, to that, the energy you choose to welcome in your life. The way you treat yourself. The way you treat people. It is all you.

Naturally, there will be times when life will manage to throw you off balance and a lack of judgment will knock you right into the nest of negativity. Your weak self will have you engaging in toxic behavior and in no time, you’ll feel like you’ve lost yourself forever.

However, the good news is – You have a choice!

You have the power to stop it and let go of the toxicity once and for all. Once you realize that only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, it will be much easier for you to deal with anything.

Here are 21 behaviors you need to eliminate in order to live a life happier and more peaceful.

And remember, the power is concentrated in your hands alone. Make the step!


You are the only one responsible for your life! If there’s anything that you don’t like, or you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, for the love of God, say it. If you want to make changes, let your voice be heard! Don’t shy away, don’t shut off. Just speak up!


But, whatever you do, steer clear from the toxicity arrogance holds. Being confident is a healthy, beautiful trait, however a greater amount of confidence can easily lead you to having lack of compassion and feeling superior over others. Be careful.


A healthy dosage of self-criticism is essential in order to put us right back on the ground whenever we’re bit lost in the skies. Still this is not an excuse for you to degrade and make yourself worthless. You are much more than you know. Let that sink in. Now get a hold of yourself and change that destructive attitude. You deserve the whole world!


Remember, always be yourself. The key to serenity and everlasting happiness lays inside you. So, stop seeking approval from others. They don’t really care as much as you think they do. Just get out there and do your thing! Be unapologetically you!


Don’t waste away your energy holding on to the past. Don’t let opportunities pass you by while you’re out there, contemplating things that once happened. What’s done is done. There’s no going back. Concentrate on the present moment. Make every second count!


The future is out of our reach. So, stressing over something that might occur or may not even happen is not the thing you should waste your time on. You are not capable of predicting what the future holds for us. But, keep in mind that what you do in the present will eventually influence your future. Work on it!


Engaging in a cheating behavior will open the door for negativity in your life. Whether it’s yourself that you’re being dishonest with or your closest people in life, deciding to cheat instead of going for the truth, will have you leading a disturbed life full of lies and negativity.


The long-term effect of lying is very hurtful both to yourself and to the person you are lying to. Yes, the truth can sometimes be far more brutal, but it’s the truth. And that’s the only thing that matters. Honesty will always be the best policy in life. Have the courage to say it like it is.


Learn to go through life more easily, rather than stress over every triviality that might concern you. Even if it does concern you. Approach things calmly and more rationally and don’t take things so personally. Everything is not always about you after all. Just let it go.


Holding grudges is choosing to stick to negative emotions and toxic thoughts. And for what? Just because someone supposedly did you wrong. Is this situation worthy to let it eat away your mind and soul? Practice forgiveness and free yourself from the pain of holding a grudge. 


You are your number one priority in life, however, you shouldn’t let yourself be the only priority in your life. If you want your life to be filled with meaningful relationships and people you care about, you need to learn to respect other people’s thoughts and needs.


On top of all, learn to take good care of yourself. You have only one body. Make sure you treat it properly. Indulge yourself in the pleasures of life, both physical and mental. And never overlook the power of these things in life. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?


Yes, being here for the people you care about is an essential trait in life. However, when you walk past the line and start pleasing others on your account, that’s where life gets insufferable. Do as much as you can, but make sure you don’t harm yourself on the way.


Always remember: Life will not give you anything for free. You need to work hard and deserve things. Having a sense of entitlement and thinking you own the world, will actually work against you and prevent you from putting your best efforts in the work.


Don’t be that person. If you find out that a person is doing much better than you in life, please stop for a second and don’t let jealousy wash over you. You can’t compare yourself with others. Instead, celebrate their success while continuing to work towards your own goals.


If you’ve fallen into the trap of mistaking attention from others with genuine care and love then you may feel like you’re threatened by anything that seems to take that attention away from you. Don’t allow the recognition of others determine your integrity. Instead, focus on accepting your flaws and build your self-confidence.


Don’t compete in life. Everybody out there is fighting their own battle. Acting over-competitive will take over your life and pretty soon, it will drive you crazy. Fight your own battle, celebrate your strengths and accept your weaknesses.


Your world will be much more positive and peaceful if you decide to stay away from those negative energies on life. Try it!


Every person experienced difficulties and struggled in life. But it’s your own choice to make whether you’ll let those past events mess up your future. Rise above the ashes and choose to be the strongest version of yourself. Identifying as the victim will actually make you the victim instead of moving forward.


You should always strive to achieve the best in life. However, there’s a fine line that can’t be crossed. You’ll realize that nothing in life will ever be perfect. And you shouldn’t let that disappoint you. Stop hurting yourself by falling into the trap of “perfectionism”. Life is about flaws. And flaws are actually the best part.


It is only by stepping out of your comfort zone, that you’ll be able to grow and achieve so much in this world. Don’t let your fear hold you back from reaching your deepest desires. Trust your gut and make the step. You will thank yourself in the future.