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21 Ways To Take Your Power Back When Life Knocks You Down


The old saying time heals all wounds can be true only if we know how to make good use of that time. When life knocks you down, it’s you who needs to get things under control and firmly stand on your feet again.

Sooner or later, we all experience difficulties in life. We go through problems that can discourage and make us feel disheartened and lost. But, we are all capable of taking power back into our own hands and make changes that will help us move forward. All you need to do is to be willing and find the strength within yourself to make the necessary changes.

Following are 21 ways you can do that, and remember: Life is tough, but so are you!

1. Focus on the present the most and on the past the least.

We all carry burden from our past. Yet, there’s no use racking your brain about something that happened in the past – you can’t change it. You need to forgive yourself and use your past mistakes and failures as valuable lessons.

And because you never know what tomorrow will bring, you only have your present to focus on and embrace.

2. Be honest.

Be honest and always tell the truth to other people no matter how harsh or painful it is. Make sure you never bring yourself into a situation where you’d have to lie. And most importantly, be honest with yourself.

3. Take care of your health.

You can’t feel genuine happiness and achieve success if you don’t take care of your emotional, mental, and physical well – being. Don’t allow yourself to put your health in danger by worrying and stressing out about your daily responsibilities or missed deadlines. Make sure you make your health your top priority.

4. Avoid all kinds of negativity.

Be that toxic people, bad places, or just things that annoy you and make you feel bad, make sure you stay away from them.

5. Do things that make you happy.

If it’s spending time with your family and friends, watching movies, listening to your favorite songs, or walking in nature that bring you joy and satisfaction, ensure you allocate time to these.

6. Be open.

Living your life by following rules is okay only if they improve the quality of your life and make you feel better about yourself. And if this isn’t the case, stop following them. Instead, be more open to and embrace new experiences and opportunities life offers you.

7. Enhance your relationships.

Whether it’s a relationship with your family, friends, or partner, make them your priority. Try to constantly work on and nurture them.

8. Quit what isn’t working for you.

If it’s a toxic relationship, be that emotional or otherwise, your shitty job, or some bad habit of yours that is making you feel miserable, abandon them and start over.

9. Break a bad habit.

Whether it’s smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating,  or something else, try to break yourself of it. Getting rid of a bad habit will make you feel better about yourself and can also encourage you to …

10. …start a positive habit.

Whether it’s jogging, eating healthy food every day, reading books, or learning something new, make sure you acquire a habit that will benefit you and make you feel better about yourself.

11. Forgive.

If you don’t forgive others, you’ll accumulate negative feelings inside of you, which in turn, will exhaust you and make you feel bad. Accept the fact that someone has  hurt you and move on. 

12. Set and keep boundaries.

You can always be there for people, but never allow your kindness and generosity to drain you emotionally and physically. You need to let others know you have boundaries they have to respect. Never give all of yourself away.

13. Eliminate your fears.

You know yourself the best and you know what terrifies you the most. Find a way to face and overcome it.

14. Ask your loved ones for advice.

Ask the people you hold dear to give you advice and an opinion about how you’re coping. Those who really know you and truly love you will know what’s best for you. Moreover, their point of view can help you see things more objectively.

15. Achieve success step by step.

Real and long – lasting successes are never achieved overnight. Learn to make progress one step at a time.

16. Meet new people.

Meeting new people reveals new horizons. Some of them will teach you something new. Others will change the way you see life, but they’ll all leave an impact on you.

17. Travel.

Of course, if you have enough finances, make sure you visit as many countries as you can. Travelling broadens your mind and gives you new perspectives on life.

18. Make and keep budget.

This will help you feel more independent, secure, and confident about yourself.

19. Get rid of the things you don’t need.

Get rid of the clutter in your room and your home. Throw out all the things you don’t need or bring you unpleasant and bad memories. Plus, getting rid of unnecessary stuff is therapeutic.

20. Enroll in a course.

Learning is the best distraction. Whether it’s dancing, writing, designing, acting, playing a musical instrument, whatever, it’ll keep your thoughts away from what’s bothering you.

21. Be proud of yourself.

Be aware of your qualities, accomplishments, and worth, and always believe in your abilities.