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27 Men State The One Quality About A Woman That Made Them Fall In Love

The Man That Loves You Will Move Mountains To Be With You

Even if you don’t believe it at times, the truth is men can be just as dreamy and romantic as women when they are in love. And they also look for signs to see whether the woman they are with is their soulmate.

There is a stereotype among women that men only care about short-term relationships because they fear commitment and losing their freedom.

However, there are many men out there who believe in true love and hope to find their soulmate, the woman that they can build a future with.

So, what are the signs according to men that tell them that the woman next to them is ‘the one’? One person asked this question on AskMen, so here are 27 of men’s most interesting answers.

1. When She Is Curious About Him. 

2. When She Calls Him On His Bullsh*it. 

3. When She Has An Amazing Family. 

4. When She Notices The Little Things In Life. 

5. When It Feels Good To Be Around Her ALL The Time. 

6. When She Is Good To Others. 

7. When She Knows How To Compromise. 

8. When She Accepts Him As He Is. 

9. When She Knows How To Help. 

10. When She Touches Him Often. 

11. When She Loves Trying New Things. 

12. When She Knows What She Wants. 

13. When She Knows Her Worth. 

14. When She Can Make Him Laugh. 

15. When She Admits And Owns Up To Her Mistakes. 

16. When She Is Kind. 

17. When She Doesn’t Bring Stress To Their Relationship. 

18. When She Is Clear About Her Wants And Needs. 

19. When She Eats Without Counting Calories. 

20. When She Makes Him Happy. 

21. When She Has His Back. 

22. When She Is Comfortable With Doing Nothing Together. 

23. When She Initiates Sex. 

24. When She Makes His Life Easier. 

25. When She Subtly Makes Him Sure She Wants Him Around. 

26. When She Is A Stable Human Being. 

27. When She Makes Everything In His Life Better.