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3 Bad Habits That All Intelligent People Have, According To Psychology


You leave a mess everywhere, you stay up late, and you swear like a sailor. Probably you have been scorned all your life for these ill-perceived habits, but studies have actually proved that you should be glad for having them.

While messiness, walking up late, and swearing are all characteristics that are often attributed to laziness and grossness, according to psychologists, these habits are indicators of a sharp mind and high intelligence.

Here’s why:


There is this idea that being messy means being disorganized and thus less productive. However, Ben Franklin has been a messy fellow during his entire life despite him trying to be tidier and more organized, as it was reported by Financial Times in 2016.

So, does it really mean that messy people are less productive?

One psychologist from Minnesota University has found that people who have messy rooms are more intelligent and have a higher IQ.

And really, when your mind is engaged in such big things, taking care of your room is the least of your concerns.

Moreover, a messy room means that you are a very creative person.

Kathleen Voghs, a psychological scientist and the brain behind the study, says that “disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.”

Your messy environment is a sign that you think outside of the box. So, don’t bother with your clutter – that’s the creative genius in you! ????


Ah, the curse of being a night owl… When you stay up late and you have to get up early for work, this means that you probably are always tired and thus perceived as lazy no matter how much you work during your ‘night shift.’

It is that your circadian rhythm works differently in you than in others. And what’s interesting is that scientists have found a link between people’s circadian rhythms and their intelligence levels.

A study which was published in Psychology Today discovered that people who stayed up late and woke up late in the morning had higher IQ.

“Net of a large number of social and demographic factors, more intelligent children grow up to be more nocturnal as adults than less intelligent children. Compared to their less intelligent counterparts, more intelligent individuals go to bed later on weeknights and on weekends, and they wake up later on weekdays,” scientists claimed in their study.

Plus, Charles Darwin, Keith Richards, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, and President Obama have all been night owls!


Swearing has a bad rap since forever. People who swear are often perceived as vulgar, impolite, and lacking decent vocabulary.

However, a study conducted at Marist College in New York has found the opposite – people who have potty mouths are more intelligent, have a vaster vocabulary and higher rhetoric skills.

Plus, they are more honest because swearing is linked with raw emotions. This means that people who swear are more likely to show their true colors and express their real feelings.

Finally, swearing can help you relieve stress (both physical and emotional) and can also ease your pain. So, if you are guilty of having a potty mouth – swear on and celebrate this “bad” habit of yours! ????