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3 Facebook Comment Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About


Facebook has taken over the world, it seems. So many people like to post statuses about their lives, their achievements, and their special moments, and even more like to react and comment on these posts.

And to spice things up and make it even more fun, Facebook introduced some beautiful visually-stimulating effects to some types of comments. So, next time you want to make a comment worth seeing, here are 3 tricks you could use.

1. Thumbs up

And we’re not talking about the well-known ‘Like’ that we’re so much used to. We’re talking about a shower of thumbs-ups on the screen.

Just type ‘Rad’ and see what happens.

2. Hearts

If you want the screen to burst into hearts in different sizes, and sometimes that’s just the thing you need for that special comment, here’s what you can do:

Type ‘XOXO’ in the comment.

3. Confetti and Balloons

Some moments are worth the celebration, and Facebook can join you in that as well. If you want the screen to be filled with confetti and balloons, type ‘Congrats.’

They say that depending on the color, they bear a different meaning. Pink or blue means that you’re expecting a baby and the color corresponds to the gender of the baby. Yellow means that you aren’t pregnant (which can always change, right?).

Have you used any of these comment tricks? Do you know other tricks? Share them in a comment!