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3 Kinds Of Cosmic Connections Which Prove That We Do Not Meet Anyone By Accident


These 3 kinds of cosmic connections that we experience throughout our lives are proof that nothing in this world happens by chance. Every encounter that we experience with another person has a meaning. 

Life becomes more meaningful when we interact and connect with others on a deeper level. Each connection is necessary since it brings a special meaning to our lives. In other words, we could see the world like a spider web full of connections intertwined into it. Some are silken, some are rough – but each one is important.

However, not every connection is supposed to last forever. Some encounters happen only to distract us from something that is not meant to happen – like a car accident for example. Others occur because the Universe sends them to lead us to a person who will become a significant part of our lives.

Sometimes we meet a person because we need someone to ‘wake us up’ and help us change the direction in our lives; other times, we meet people who remind us who we were before we started to forget about our true essence. And finally, there are those who the destiny sends them to hold a space for us.

Here are 3 types of cosmic connections which prove that nothing in life happens by chance:

1.Connection with souls who are supposed to ‘wake us up.’

When we meet with these people there is an instant sense of recognition and an energetic vibration on a deeper level. We cannot put our finger on it, but we feel like we have known them forever. They could be our soulmates and twin flames.

Their presence in our lives may become permanent since these souls are there to lead us into the way our lives are supposed to be. They are our ‘wake up’ call towards our destiny.

When we were kids, we all have different dreams of how our life would look like when we grow up. However, somewhere along the way, we have lost those dreams and ambitions from our childhood. However, if nothing seems to be going according to plan that means that it was not supposed to be.

These souls come into our lives to show us this. It is destiny’s way of intervention to show us in which direction should our lives go from that moment on.

2. Connection with souls who are there to remind us who we truly are.

In the process of growing up and learning how to be responsible adults in life, we can very often lose ourselves in the process. There is an incredible child inside every one of us. This child is creative, fun, and full of life and passion. Sometimes, we lose this inner child, and with it – we lose our essence.

This is not about career, money, or anything like that. It is about losing the greatest things of our being that we are born with in our adult lives. It is about not staying true to who we really are and starting to live up to someone’s ideals and expectations.

The souls that we meet during this time are those whose role is to show us the way to being ourselves again. They are there to remind us who we were before others told us who we should be.

They can be gentle, or brutal, in their mission, but this is only for our own good – for us to remember who we were on the deepest level and regain the touch we had with ourselves.

3. Connection with souls who hold space for us.

These connections are connections that happen instantly and usually don’t last long. Often they happen with someone who we cross paths with for only a moment and have a conversation that lasts for hours.

Or, the connection we make over coffee with a stranger while waiting for a bus and talking about our broken hearts.

These connections are there to remind us that just because someone does not stay long in our lives, does not mean that they are not fulfilling their purpose. These short but deep conversations serve as a reminder for us that those soul connections can be found every day.

And the beautiful thing is that we all have a story and purpose in life. And all that happens – happens for a reason.

Sometimes people come into our lives with the purpose to stay, and sometimes they only come to hold space for something even better.

And we never know when or where we will meet someone that is predestined to change our lives instantly.