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3 Brutal Mind Games Every Narcissistic Man Plays In A Relationship


Have you ever been a victim of a person who is full of themselves? A person who is so self-absorbed to the point where they are ready to walk all over you just so they can get what they want?

If the answer is yes, it is most likely you’ve dealt with a narcissistic person. Narcissists are the masterminds behind the ultimate mind games.

They will calmly arrive in your life, disguised in the person you so much yearned for, and after a brief period of heavenly make-believe love, they will cut open your heart.

And while it’s considered as a mental health issue, the number of people cultivating this behavior without being diagnosed with it as a mental condition rises by the day.

However, it is important to know that you couldn’t easily help them. Only a professional medical approach could help them find their way out of the nightmare if they first acknowledge their condition.

With that being said, the only way to prevent yourself from falling into a narcissist trap is understanding their master plan and learning the games they play. These are 3 common games a narcissist plays in a relationship.

Game #1: Mr. Empathy Is A Term That Doesn’t Exist In My Dictionary

Note: If you ever feel down and it seems like the world turned against you, don’t expect a warm hug and a kind, comfort talk from a narcissist. These people have a serious lack of empathy and compassion.

They will lure you into their trap pretending to be kind and caring, just so they can have you all for themselves and abuse you. Consider this as an early warning.

Being in a relationship with a male narcissist means giving them the power to enslave you. The power to make you feel inferior and worthless. And by doing so, they eventually rise to the ultimate supremacy.

Game #2: Mr. Vulnerable Self-Esteem

It is said that attack is the best form of defense.

A real-life scenario that occurred in front of my eyes: A woman standing at the cashier’s desk with her husband randomly suggests that they should cut back on the greasy food and implement a healthier, more nutritious substitute as a result of her husband’s weight condition.

The man instead of taking this into consideration, rudely replies to her in front of a crowd of people:

“What do you mean? There is nothing wrong with me, I’m perfectly fine. You are the one to tell. Have you looked yourself in a mirror? You could lose some weight yourself.”

Narcissists are known to reach for the easier and unpleasant way as a form of defense. Rather than responding in a truthful, kind manner, they are willing to attack you in the most hurtful, critical and humiliating way there is.

They will put you down in front of others and will rise from the pleasure of watching you suffer.

Game #3: Mr. Boosted Sense Of Self-Importance

These people are one of the most self-centered and selfish creatures. The feeling that the world revolves around them is actually the one thing keeping them alive and breathing.

Narcissists tend to believe that the whole world would go crazy without them. For some reason they are convinced that their issues are the center of the Universe, so they generally will talk and talk and talk until you fall unconscious.

The whole conversation will be kept one-sided about all the things they’ve done, everywhere they went, how much money they spent. In a nutshell, all the superficial trivialities that constitute the horrors of a small talk.

Narcissists are the kinds of people that are most likely to become enraged and start insulting the restaurant staff if they don’t sit them right (where they wanted).

The main life-motto of a narcissist would be clear: “Do you realize who am I?”

Having said that, we need to remember that the narcissists themselves were once victimized as well. Their wrath might be the consequence of a certain pain they have lived to experience in the past. They need help as much as we do.

So, instead of pointing fingers and labeling people, we should at least try to inspire people to change.

However, that doesn’t mean loving that person and staying around for the abuse. You can love a person and still leave them if they hurt you.

The best way to help them is suggesting a professional help and offering them a hand if they truly want to escape the nightmare.

If they still choose the “rotten path”, then you don’t walk away, you run. You run as far as you can, and you never turn back!