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Do You Have 3 Or 4 Lines On Your Wrist? If You Do, It Means Something Incredibly Special!


For those who didn’t know, the lines on your wrist can hold a lot of information about your life and your future. They can tell how healthy you are, what kind of personality you have and they can even tell what your future holds. They can even tell how hard or easy your economic situation might be in your future.  

Yes, this means that you can learn a lot about yourself only by examining the lines on your wrist! Many people have only two lines, but there are some who have four lines on their wrist.

Even if you have only two lines, you can still find meaning in their shape and thickness. So let’s see what each line says about you and your future.

 1. The first line

The first line is one of the most important ones. You can see it when moving your wrist up and down. The average person has at least two or three separate lines near the palm wrist. The first one can indicate how healthy and active a person is. So don’t waste time – check your first line right away.

Strong and continuous line means strong health during the whole life and therefore a long life. Cracked line that breaks at some points means you should definitely think about lifestyle changes!

If your line is cracked more than two or three times, it means you have unfulfilled dreams in one way or another. Check your first line and if it is not strong and perfect, don’t waste your time. You can always get matters in your own hands and do something about it. So if your first line is not perfect, waste no more time and start a healthier diet and do some exercise. 

2. The second line

Almost everyone has at least two lines. Going from the palm down the second line indicates that you will find happiness and success in life, but only if it is strong and unbroken all the way.

So if your second line is well defined, luxurious life, lots of money and good life are written in your future. If your second line is strong, life will be keen on you, and you will have relaxed economic situation through life. Cracks and breaks indicate financial difficulties.

However, if your second line is not perfect you are the one still in control and simple lifestyle changes can set you back on the happiness track in life. With this information in hand you can change from misery to luxury with your own actions. Hard work always pays off. 

3. The third line

Not everyone has a third line. Actually, most of the people have only two lines. In case you have it, the third line indicates tremendous control over the people in your life regardless whether home or at work. Of course, this is the case only if the line is strong and well defined. 

The third line is the one that says that you are a remarkable person and a strong individual. Maybe this sounds a little bit bossy, but it is the truth. Anyway, you have the control over your emotions and your own actions.

So if you are not into bossy lifestyle no need to worry, just remember you are in control of your own life. On the other hand if your third line is not as perfect and strong, you might be more susceptible to control from someone who has a perfect strong line. Now when you know this you can easily get on top, and never let a person with a strong third line boss you around. 

4. The occasional fourth line

The fourth line is very rare. Sometimes, it’s good to have it, but not always. Having a fourth line means you will have a long life with lots of children. Actually, it’s down to personal preference. For some people, lifestyle with a lots of kids is a good thing, while for others it’s a burden.

Anyway, be prepared for what’s coming if you have a strong fourth line. Again, you are the one that controls every aspect of your own life, so if you are not into children and yet you have a strong fourth line, you are the one who makes the choice.

It’s important to remember that even if your lines are bent or broken you still have complete control over your life. You are in control of your happiness, and how many positive or negative things will happen in your life. Check your lines to see a glimpse of what the future holds for you, get prepared, and make a plan on how to change your life into the lifestyle you prefer.