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Only 3% Of People Have The Letter X On Both Their Palms – Here’s What It Means If You Have It


What would you do if someone said that they could read your palm and foretell your future? Would you be intrigued and spread out your hand or just frown and walk away?

Palmistry or chiromancy is the practice of foretelling the future by reading one’s palm. There are some differences in the practice depending on the different cultures but all in all, it’s the same thing.

Some people are believers in palm reading while others consider that their future can’t be predicted by the lines on their palms. 

However, history tells us that palm reading is not just superstition. Did you know that Alexander the Great was foretold to become a great leader because he had the letter x on both his palms?

Interesting, ha? Quick, check your palms to see if you can find the letter x on them.

According to a research called “X Palm Mystery and Spirit Science Formula”, conducted by the STI University in Russia, the people who were a part of the research and had the letter x on both their palms became remarkable people later in life.

Do you want to know one more interesting fact? Vladimir Putin is also one of the people who have the letter x on both his palms. Abraham Lincoln is a member of this list too.

What are the characteristics of people who have the letter x on both their palms?

These people have really strong characters. They are capable of reaching every goal without planning it all the time. Whatever they decide they can achieve. And moreover, they’ll become very successful fast even if they don’t try too hard.

People who have x on both their palms are destined to become famous and well-known in the world. They are expected to be honored and idolized by a lot of people before they die.

They are pretty intuitive and can easily sense what is good and what is bad for them. These people cannot be easily deceived because they know exactly when someone is trying to cheat them.

Even if sometimes you succeed in lying and betraying them, they’ll be aware of the things you’ve made up and one way or another, they’ll make you tell the truth.

Although they do not look like very big and strong people, many of those with the letter x on both their palms will come out as winners if they get in a fight.

These people are not only capable of changing their own lives and achieving everything they’ve planned to, but they are also very helpful in changing and improving the lives of other people as well.

In short, these are the qualities of people who have the letter x on both their palms:

  • They are great leaders
  • They are very clever and sharp-witted
  • They are destined to great success
  • They live in people’s hearts long after their death