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3 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Energy Vampires For Good


With 2018 already taking over with its uniquely powerful energy, there has never been a better moment to finally let go of the toxic people and the energy vampires that have been feeding off your energy these past years.

We all have at least one such ‘friend’ in our lives that seems to be doing everything they can to drain us dry from the energy we’re so willing to share without giving anything in return. It’s not that you should be expecting anything, but you know that feeling when you just can’t take it anymore?

Well, if it has been awkward for you to break that relationship and go on with the life you deserve so far, now is the time where the energy of this year will help you loosen up and break those toxic bonds.

However, it won’t happen magically. You have a job in it too, and everything says that you’re ready to get on with it. So here are 3 powerful but simple ways to finally get rid of the energy vampires in your life.

1. Say NO

It doesn’t hurt as much when you say NO as you may think. It actually hurts more when you do the things you didn’t want to do. It depletes your energy, it eats away your precious time, and it throws you down into the low energy vibes, all because you didn’t protect yourself.

No is as valid as Yes, and it should be practiced accordingly. That is if you want to live a happy life. If someone decides to cut ties with you because of a reasonable NO, then you are better off without that person, as it shows how willing they are to usurp your personal choices and space.

So, say NO to people pleasing and say YES to being true to yourself a bit more accurately.

2. It’s always good to find some Alone time

Alone doesn’t mean lonely, and understanding this crucial difference is something that will liberate you from compulsive socializing which leads to no personal pleasure. That’s why it’s important to find some alone time and dedicate your energy to yourself.

This alone time will help you gain more insight about the things you’ve been through and you will regain greater control over who and what influences you – that is – you will become your own influencer the most.

This way, you will be more capable of breaking free from the toxic influence of energy vampires and similar unwanted psychopaths.

3. Look to the past for lessons, not bitterness

People usually look into the past for all the wrong reasons, and they usually come up with all the wrong ‘lessons.’ You don’t want to become bitter and hateful because of select experiences with negative people.

Everybody is here to teach us an important lesson, and energy vampires serve to teach us how to be ourselves more and how to resist external influence when we are supposed to be ourselves.

And finally, stick to the present and accept whatever may come in the future.

2018 is a year of action and taking control over your life, and, as such, it offers an energy which you should not shy away from. Your life is your own to live and your choices are your own to make, but make sure they are not negatively influenced by someone else’s choices and that you have no reason to regret even when things go bad.

Stay true to yourself and love yourself!