What is this so called “gut-feeling”, is it same as intuition, is it “the heart” speaking to us, and how can we listen to it in all the chaos of our rational mind?

Intuition literally means –“learning from within”. It is the art, though peculiar to the human mind, of working out the correct answer from all available data, which until then are latent in our consciousness, but awaken when we are in need. It is a divine “gift of knowing” given from ourselves to ourselves.

Whether you call this “gift” a gut-feeling or tapping into your intuition or following your instinct, understanding how to pay attention to it, is a vital skill for success in ordinary life and business. Yes, intuition is a skill, a sense we possess. It is what people call “the sixth sense” and we all have it.

Some may think that it is an extraordinary gift given to the “chosen ones”, but this is not true. Intuition is a part of us and as we were thought to bring out the best use of our other five senses, we must also learn how to activate and use this sixth sense.

Intuition or gut-feeling is expressed by every person very differently, it can look like a “butterflies in the stomach” sensation, or you’ll get goose bumps, or if you are more conscious you’ll receive a loud warning from your inner self.

I am sure we all have had some inexplicable feeling of knowing that something is right, and more often, that something isn’t. But as always, we were so caught up into the net of our safe, habitual, thinking that we have neglected this beautiful voice from inside.

Most of the time, unfortunately, we hush this feeling that tries to help us. How many times we haven’t pay attention to our intuition and very soon, we’ve regret it?

There are many reasons why you must learn to listen and use your intuition wisely, but here are the 3 main ones.

  1. It is shaped by the knowledge you gained from all your past experiences 

Intuition is based on all your former thoughts, feelings and emotions gained from your past experiences and exactly this is the measure by which you shall be guided towards your present and future decisions.

Although sometimes it is wise to ask for help from someone who has already been in that sort of situation, you must never forget to listen to yourself, because at the end you’ll be the one taking on the consequences.

This is why you should always trust what you’ve experienced until now and most important what the consequences were. Remember, no one knows you better than you do!

  1. It is scientifically proven web of facts and feelings 

you should know that the birth place of intuition as a sense, is the pineal gland (med.) or the energy center located between the physical eyes (spirit.). This part of the brain is the connecting point where the body, mind and soul’s information from our past, present and future-potential experiences are put together in order to “show” us where we are headed with our current experience.

One can say that here is the CEO of our body/mind/soul human complex, the center where decisions are made, but it is always up to our free-will if we want to put them into manifestation.

  1. It connects you with all the nerve cells from your body 

The feeling that we call “gut-feeling” as the term says is coming from a center which is placed in the lower abdominal part of the body. This center is actually the birth place of the “human feelings” and when we are faced with a choice our above-consciousness sends signals to all the nerves in the tummy where we actually “feel” the information.

Now, as previously said, intuition as a sense is located in the pineal gland, so when we “feel” the information from our above-consciousness, we do not “see” them, yet.

All this information is now being transferred through the nervous system in our body, all the way up to the pineal gland where they are transformed into thoughts, which now start to appear to us as something we call “visions”. Thus logically, intuition is a gut-feeling enforced with thoughts and visions.

Now, knowing all this facts I think that there is no better way to make your decisions, than to pay attention to what your body, mind and soul tells you. A beautiful way to learn how to do all this is by practicing the amazing philosophy and practice of meditation.

So please take time to breath and listen to your intuition, it will tell you everything you’ll need to know.