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3 Reasons To Use An Online Doctor 


From saving time to saving face, there are all kinds of reasons why some of us might find it preferable to turn to an online doctor rather than have to schlep it down to our local doctor’s surgery.  

Care Quality Commission-regulated online pharmacies ensure a professional and reliable service, such as what you should expect of the NHS, and one that is operated by experienced NHS GPs who are registered with the General Medical Council.  All this means that a trusted online pharmacy is approved to sell medicines online by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

So having established that trustworthy online consultation and pharmaceutical services are available, what are the advantages to using an online doctor? 

1.Round-the-clock availability

An online service allows you to submit your queries and information at any time of day. So if you wake up in the middle of the night having suddenly decided that you’d like to buy Viagra online, you can complete an online questionnaire and then all you have to do is wait for the online GP’s response. This service is completely confidential, time-efficient and highly practical. You may have limited mobility, you may have a busy work schedule, you may simply not fancy leaving the house – all great reasons for using an online doctor. 

2. Completely discreet

Whether you have an appointment with a doctor in person or online, you are always entitled to 100% confidentiality. Nevertheless, there are many of us who are dissuaded from seeing our GP on account of our feeling uncomfortable discussing a health problem in a face-to-face meeting. There are so many reasons for us to get shy, embarrassed or upset – rightly or wrongly – about seeing our doctor. Sensitive personal issues include skin problems, infections and erectile dysfunction or other sexual health issues. Patients often find consulting an online doctor much easier, far less stressful, and so much more effective. 

3.Home delivery

An online doctor and pharmacy can prescribe and then have delivered your medicine. This is carried out in a sensitive and discreet manner so that the patient’s privacy is protected, with zero indication on the outer packaging of the delivery of what the contents are, or where the package has come from. So no queuing or braving the early morning frost to pick up your prescription – it can come straight to your door. 

In the era online shopping, doesn’t it make sense that our medical services are also improved by high speed internet access, accessibility and efficiency?