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3 Signs Your Positivity Is Lacking In 2021


We’re all feeling a little bit brow beaten after the last two years. Here are 3 signs your positivity is lacking and what you can do to pick yourself back up.

We have just been through a collective global trauma. We’re still going through it. Just because the developed countries are over the worst of it and have enrolled a vaccine does not mean that we are at the end of this trial. COVID-19 will be with us for years to come. Every year it will return in winter to remind us of what it took from us.

With so much sadness in the air, there is no wonder that many of us are lacking in positivity as we move into the latter stages of 2021. Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of how we can stay positive as we move into the new year.

3 Signs You Need More Positivity In Your Life (And What To Do About It)

If you start to feel a little bit blue, then refer back to this guide to help you. Here are 3 signs you need more positivity in your life and what you can do to get yourself back on track.

1 – All you can see is the negative in life

As adults, we are subjected to a constant barrage of information. This information is bad. Look at the news for example. When was the last time you saw a pleasant story on the news? Does anyone recall a few years back when Facebook were found guilty of manipulating our emotions through our social media feed? The point here is that the media we surround ourselves with has an impact on our mental health.

This one has an easy fix. If you feel that certain apps or social media accounts or news channels are making you feel worse, don’t open those apps. Instead, surround yourself with positive news feeds. Visit websites like Wealthful Mind, Tiny Buddha regularly to nourish your mind from time to time.

2 – Your relationships are suffering

When you are not mentally happy, your relationships cannot be fully healthy. You will bleed some of your negativity onto your partner. Depending on your partner’s mental health, they may or may not be able to handle that. Of course, a healthy relationship involves giving and taking. If you are negative for prolonged period, you will find that your relationships suffer.

When your relationships start to suffer, turn your attention to your work life balance. Are you spending enough time at home? Are you investing enough into your partner’s happiness? Are you spending too much time at work? If you find there is an imbalance in how much time you’re spending at work, correct this and you should see more positive relationships.

3 – You lack Motivation

Lacking motivation can be normal. Nobody wants to wake up on a Monday morning and start the weekly grind over again. Black of motivation becomes a symptom of mental illness when you cannot physically bring yourself to do the things that you have to do. There is a difference between lack of motivation and doing the work anyway and lack of motivation and not physically being able to do the work.

If you find yourself in a position where you are not physically able to continue because of motivational challenges, then you may be suffering from depression. We would recommend that you visit a doctor and talk to them about this. You can also seek advice and support from the following pages: