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3 Simple Hacks To Protect Your Car From Snow


Snow can be fun in so many ways… and then it’s a total nightmare when it comes to the car. You get up in the morning, rushing for work, and you start cleaning all that snow off, you fight with the ice-locked doors, and you pray for the windshield washer fluid to defog quickly.

In these conditions, you might need to consider going out there 30 minutes earlier and do all that chilling work before getting stuck in traffic. Or do you?

Here are 3 simple and clever hacks that can save you from all the trouble that comes with that white, fluffy snow.

1.Windshield defogging

We did mention in a previous post how effective silica gel can be for defogging your windshield. However, in conditions like these, you do need a large quantity of it, and it’s much quicker to simply use silica crystal kitty litter.

Simply fill up an old sock with the kitty litter and place it on your dashboard to quickly defog your windshield, or, alternatively, under your seat for a longer-lasting effect that will keep your car free of moisture.

The silica crystals will absorb all the moisture in your car and thus prevent your windshield from getting foggy long-term.

2.Frozen doors

Being unable to open your door because it has frozen is a total nightmare. The condensation and the icy weather make for the ice that doesn’t allow you to open the door. However, spraying the rubber seam around the door frame with cooking spray will prevent it from freezing.

The brand doesn’t matter – the oil from the cooking spray cannot freeze and it will repel any water from staying there to freeze. Tap off the excess oil from the rubber with a dish towel and you’ll never be locked out of your car.

3.Instant windshield cleaning

Perhaps the most tedious task of all is cleaning the snow off your windshield and scraping the ice. This utterly simple trick will have you dumbfounded: place a large towel on your windshield before you leave your car.

When you get back, simply remove the towel and your windshield will be snow and ice-free. No more scraping!

Watch NBC’s video below to see a demonstration for the hacks and tell us if you are already using any of these hacks!